Friday, April 8, 2011

The Tote Bags are Done!

I've been working around the clock to finish up the inventory before the first show at the end of this month, and they are finally ready.  The first one you see here is done in a quilting theme.

I love making these, but I also love gardening season, so I'm happy to have them done.

Once the ground is hard enough to support my weight, I'm out there!  Hmmm...when I weigh less can I get outside earlier.  Now there's an incentive to lose the weight fast!

This bag is done primarily in black and white with splashes of red, green & yellow.  I call it "these are a few of my favorite things"

Each tote bag is quilted and lined with a coordinating color or theme.

Because I need lots of places to keep things, each one has two roomy inside pockets and one decorative outside pocket.

The inside pockets are also made of a coordinating four patch.

They are handy for just about anything from outings to hauling groceries.

This bag is perfect for wine lovers with all the wine and cork fabric used.

It's a good way for me to use my favorite fabrics as it only uses a 5" square in the construction.

I like to keep one by the back door to drag all my crap to and from the car.  They are especially nice for bus trips and the like to have everything close at hand.

This is done in a black and white with red theme to match my Kindle cover.  It's not the bag that I will be making to match the Kindle covers...those are much smaller.

This last bag is one of my simpler designs and has no inside pockets, but I wanted to show the possibilities here.  I did this tote bag as a commissioned order incorporating the artists painting of a bear with coordinating fabrics of her choice.  I then stitched over the photo fabric to add dimension to the picture.  It was a fun project and could be done with photos of children or pets also.

They are all constructed of 100% cotton with a heavy interfacing to keep their shape (if it were only that easy to keep one's shape) and are machine washable.

Long Live the Queen of Tote Bags

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  1. I love these tote bags. I have never come across one with inside and outside pockets, so these are very special.

    I once started to gather the materials to make a photo quilt, but for some reason, I never did make it. Hmmmmm. Maybe some day.

    I'm at work, so gotta get busy here. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.