Friday, April 22, 2011

Strange Dreams

She looks just like me!
The combination of reading pirate stories and eating more vegetables than humanly possible to enhance my odds of losing weight have taken their toll.  I had not consciously put these two thoughts together, but my dreams prove it is so.

Last night I dreamed I was sailing on the high seas in my two masted pirate ship in search of treasure and glory.  Through my spyglass I spotted the target of my desires and my crew swiftly overcame the ship carrying my prize.  Proudly I stood at the bow of my ship in my white pirate blouse, my long thin body encased in black leather pants and vest, my waist long curly black hair billowing in the wind.....  Hey, this is my dream after all - I'm not going to be standing there as a pudgy old seasick woman with her hair up in a clip wearing sweats. Now...get the correct visual back in your head and let me continue.

I gracefully swing from my ship to land on the deck and survey all its bounty.  The ship was a giant floating relish dish with every kind of vegetable imaginable. There were crates of baby carrots, baskets of broccoli and cauliflower and kegs of low fat dressing.

What!  I couldn't have landed on a giant slice of pizza with cheese causing an oil slick in the ocean?  Who writes this stuff!

Long Live the Queen of Vegetables

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  1. I agree, she looks just like you. For me, she would have long wavy red hair with golden glints. The long sleeved white blouse would have black polka dots on it. She would have a white hibiscus in her hair.

    I'm thinking "who could resist us?"

    I like your dream. Have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

    p.s. a pizza with sausage and green peppers would be nice. I'm not a veggie freak.