Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First day of spring clean up

trying to come up through the leaves
It's hot and sticky today and the ground is muddy.  In other words, it's a day tailor made for me.  When I come in from a day in the garden I resemble a driver in a mud rally.  How those other ladies manage in their cute little outfits and clean gloves I'll never figure out.

miniature daffodils
It was only sprinkling a tiny bit and I offered She Devil the opportunity to bask in the sun but after it sprinkles increased she made a bee-line to the door.  Wimp.  I kept rolling and pretty soon it stopped and it was truly glorious, but I couldn't convince her to try it again.  I think she saw the clippers and realized if she was outside I'd probably be clipping out her snags.  Little does she know I'm going to do that anyway - inside or out.

I swept off the deck and rounded up things that needed to be cleaned.  Like that head over there.  Definitely needs a shampoo and facial before she gets hidden in the foliage again.  I like to tuck heads, hands and legs here and there for shock value.

when the foliage grows up to cover
the pondlets it looks much better
Not being able to go out on the main lawn, I restricted my clean up to the areas near the paths, patios, boardwalks, etc.  But I simply had to get the waterfall running!  It was too nice not to do that and the sound is wonderful.  It went well and started right up, which makes me suspicious...but I could use something going right today, so I'll take it.

After showering and starting to write the blog I could hear thunder and a warning siren.  Hmm.  I  put the television on to see if there were any tornado or storm alerts just to be on the safe side.

Well, time for my mid afternoon orange to ward off the hunger pains and then into the kitchen for She Devil's tuna happy hour and to find something to eat with my remaining points.  All in all it's been a most delightful day.

Long Live the Queen of Spring Storms

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  1. It's good to hear your yard is drying so that you can go out and play. Take a photo of your waterfall after so that I can see how it looks when it is up and running. I love waterfalls. who knows, one of these days I might put a little one in my garden. I'll wait until the yard is finished though.

    I guess my problems trying to post here have something to do with Internet Explorer on my PC. (I'm on my laptop now) My PC guru is coming by later to have a look.

    Are those photos your daffodils? I'm jealous!! Mine are no where ready to blossom. Boo Hoo. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.