Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't nobody bring me no bad news

While on our journey to the cities this weekend I was reading nutritional information to Left Brain to pass the time.  Or as I call it..having a captive audience.  He was very interested (or at least put on a good show) of what I had to say.  Until I started bashing many of his favorite foods.  Uh oh.  
"What do you mean mayo is bad?" he asked.  I explained about the high fat content of some foods and how they are more easily stored in the fat cells than proteins that take energy to burn up.  He was willing to let the mayo go until I pointed out that when at Subway I never add the mayo or oil.
"The oil is bad too?"  I felt like I was killing the belief in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all in one conversation.  But he took it quite well.  Until the noodle discussion came up.  Dare I even tell him about the horrors of cheese?
I noticed his bottom jaw clenching while he processed the fate that awaits him, but relaxed when I said we won't be giving up all noodles, rice and bread...just cutting back.  "Rice too? How could rice possibly be evil?"  Well, maybe evil was a bit strong I suggested, just things in moderation.
This will be an interesting journey for both of us.

I finished Under the Jolly Roger in the series and have started the next one.  I've noticed that my dreams are taking somewhat of a pirate theme lately as a result of this.  Also, I'm feeling the need to make a pirate doll soon.
The tote bags are done and will be photographed tomorrow.  The new covers for Kindles are almost done, they just need the final embellishment and they can be photoed as well.  Then I will begin tackling the new line of abstract dolls that require a solder gun. Woo Yoo!
Long Live the Queen of Heat Tools

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