Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm hungry!

Give me more food and no one will get hurt!
So far my journey into the land of the thin has gone well.  I marveled at how at ease I am with the Weight Watcher point system, why...there's no hunger at all.  This is too easy!  Until today.  No amount of food I dump down my throat is satiating my desire for more.

Breakfast of dry Honey Nut cheerios went well, which is my normal fair.  I eat them dry because then I don't have to fend off She Devil in her attempt to overcome me and take off with the milk.  That and I don't care for milk much anyway, so it wasn't that hard.  It also allows me the ability to play computer games with my right hand while eating small bites of cheerios with the left hand.  

For lunch I went to Pickerman's, my favorite soup place in the whole world.  Hmmm.  They did have some low calorie options but I read the nutritional info and punched in the data on my trusty Weight Watcher points plus calculator and determined I would indeed treat myself to my usual.  I love all their soups and today was the potato cream cheese soup and yes, I had the multi hearth grain bread that comes with it.  Good fiber and all that.  I usually get a double chocolate cookie (or two or three) and I did manage to pass on that option. As I told the owner, "I can give up chocolate, pizza, french fries and ice cream...but do NOT try to step between me and my potato soup".  It was yummy and very satisfying.  Then I ran around looking for a dryer and some shelving, stopped at Hancock Fabrics and then got more groceries and went home.

My Lord but I'm hungry!  When I got home I prepared myself four stalks of celery with natural peanut butter and raisins for some 'ants on a log' snack.  That helped.  Then I counted out the 24 roasted almonds allowed as a single serving and that kind of helped.  But I'm still not satisfied.

I spent about an hour entering my daily intake in the online tracking provided by Weight Watchers and figured out how to add in my own recipes, which is pretty slick.  You put in the ingredients and select the amounts, tell it how many servings it makes and it computes the points.  Starting this system is a bit of an effort, but it will get easier as time goes on.  Yikes!  I only have 3 points left.

That amount correlates to my Yogurt parfait, so I ran out into the kitchen and prepared this, using up the last of my yogurt.  I've never liked yogurt and recall making some rather rash statements about things I'd rather eat than put that slime in my mouth.  Add to that my opinions of people who eat granola and this meal is a pretty humbling experience.  I mixed up my plain, non-fat Greek yogurt (because this has twice the protein of other yogurt) with a small amount of sugar to cut the bitterness and then added some blueberries and sliced banana and topped it off with my granola.  Nothing has ever tasted so good!  I've always loved Greek food, but never really considered this in that category.  Absolutely yummy and I've made it to 6:00.  

When I'm sleeping I don't think about food
When Left Brain got home from work I asked him to fix himself something for supper as I couldn't bear to look at more food that was off limits.  He heated up some of the spinach mushroom egg bake from the day before (only 150 calories) and was fine.  I went to bed about 8:00 and read my Kindle for an hour or so and then listened to the thunderstorm until I fell asleep.

My good friend, the Divine Miss M, sent this to me and I will be heeding it's advice: 
I figured out why I'm so fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "for extra volume and body". I'm going to start using Dawn dish washing soap. It says "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove"

Long Live the Queen of Humble Pie, however many points THAT is.

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  1. On my way home from work tomorrow morning, I am going to stop at Walgreen's and buy me a bottle of Dawn dish soap. Let's pray that it works!!! Good Lord, I surely do need it!! Hugs, Edna B.