Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring? You call this stuff spring?

Springtime in Wisconsin with another glorious 8" of new snow with lighter flakes falling today instead of the giant honking ones from yesterday.  

I skipped the hot tub this morning as I was too discouraged to shovel a path to it and scrape it off....again.  

This is unfortunately normal...the children in this state start off the snow season by trick or treating in it and and end (hopefully) by finding Easter eggs under it. 

Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.

It seemed like just yesterday I was admiring the bloodroot, scilla and hellebores blooming in the back yard. 

Oh WAS yesterday.  This is what it looks like now.

I knew it was too early...darn.

Yesterday I was having a restless, I gotta get out of here day and escaped to the movies to watch Arthur.  

Not the greatest movie I've seen but Helen Mirren is always delightful to watch.  

Then I exited to wipe the snow off the car and feel the invigorating breeze full of sleet pelt me in the face.  It's enough to discourage even got She Devil down in the mouth and she crawled back under the covers to wait it out.
I think I'll follow her clue and go back into hibernation.

Long Live the Queen of the Snowy Springtime Blues

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  1. Your photo of the trees is a Holiday card waiting to happen. Just beautiful. Gosh, I feel so bad about all that snow. I agree, Mother Nature does not have the April Fool bit out of her system yet. I hope the sun warms up and melts all the snow away quickly.

    She-Devil looks soooooo comfy in that blanket. Makes me want to crawl in with her. Trying to send the sun your way, hugs, Edna B.