Sunday, April 17, 2011

A busy and fulfilling weekend

Friday was much busier than desired, but it all worked out well.  The dryer was delivered and I managed to get most of the mess cleaned up before leaving for my weekend.  It feels so good to get that project wrapped up.
Then it was off to meet my traveling companion for the weekend.

This was a tad unsettling for me as I only really know her name and wave to her from the other side of shul. What might it be like spending that much time so close together?  After about five minutes in the car with her I was relieved to find she was as much a goof ball as I am (and I mean that in a good way) and I knew the weekend was going to be fun...but I had no idea just how much fun.
We got off to a good start and arrived in the cities earlier than I feared my daughter might like as they just got home and we're quite prepared for us to land yet.  So, we did what any good senior citizen does...we went out to supper at 5:00 PM. 
This was my first experience with Indian Cuisine and while I still can't pronounce any of the culinary delights that entered my mouth, I fell totally in love with the mixture of spices and taste sensations.  Since I'm cooking more of my own food now anyway I do believe I see a new cookbook in my future.  Barnes & I come.
We spent a delightful evening playing Quelf with my granddaughters during which I was holding a spatula in my right hand and saying "izzle" at the end of each sentence.  My guess is the creators of this board game were quite inebriated at the time of its conception.  But then again, a lot of conceptions start out like that.  The children were then evicted from their bedrooms as we took over (to their delight) and we settled in for the night to get an early start in the morning on our venture to the American Craft Council.  
But, more on that later...I need to go buy a new cookbook and find a goat somewhere.
Long Live the Queen of Unpronouncable Culinary Delights

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  1. I love your little bird. Lots of your birds are different from the ones we have here. It sounds like you're having such a wonderfl time.

    Enjoy your craft experience and have a grand time. Hugs, Edna B.