Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the yard is done!

It was not my plan to finish cleaning the gardens yesterday, but Left Brain was on a roll and was cleaning out the garage, the weather was perfect for it, and well...I simply couldn't find a good excuse.  So, on with the dirty gardening outfit from before and a clean pair of gloves and out the door I went.  I can wallow in substantial filth but cannot stand getting my hands dirty.  Yeah, I know...I'm an embarrassment to my master gardeners.

Left Brain was invaluable in his assistance in hauling away the leaves, withered old stalks, dead grass clippings and miscellaneous garden trash.  He made two loads with our little utility trailer (the size that would carry a motorcycle) to the town compost.  I do compost, but this is waaaay too much for my composter, even as large as it is.  There's still plenty that can be recruited for composting when it gets a bit warmer.  I have two major blisters on the base of my thumbs and muscles aching that I'd long forgotten about.  But it's done!  And that feeling is priceless.
I got so caught up in freshing up things that I decided the blog needed a face lift also.

It also felt good to work hard all day and not notice I'd missed lunch as I was having so much fun.  All I really wanted was water to drink  while working.  I did notice I was very hungry, but that's not an unusual feeling these days.  It was already 3:30 when I came in and by the time I scraped the filth off my body and washed my hair it was 4:00.  First I had to give She Devil her tuna and then I made a big salad for Left Brain and I.  We noshed on that while catching Oprah and then I went back into the kitchen to make the rest of our supper.

Being on Weight Watchers has made me a much better cook and hunger is a great motivator for trying new foods.  I toasted rye bread so it wouldn't get soggy and put some sauerkraut on them while nuking the turkey pastrami and low fat swiss cheese.  Plunked those down on the toast and topped it with my homemade dressing, just catsup, hot sauce and mayo made with olive oil.  It was divine!  And at 12 points it was an extremely filling sandwich and I still have 6 points to spare.  Hmmm.  Should I have the fruit yogurt parfait or a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich?  There is the weigh in tomorrow at noon, but I think I'm doing okay.

The best part of the Weight Watcher online tools is the points tracker.  You enter the foods and it prompts the question as to serving size and calculates the points.  It's very helpful to enter various food options in advance to know how many points will be used.  It makes it much easier and you can create your own recipes by entering the ingredients as well as scoping out restaurant menus in advance.

Long Live the Queen of the Points Plus Calculations

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  1. Great job on the spring clean up, both garden and blog.