Monday, April 18, 2011

So What Makes This Day Any Different?

One of the dolls at the Textile Center
Today is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day, but when you work at home this isn't really much of a change.  Left Brain is convinced I only buy groceries in small amounts so I have a need to shower and dress to run my errands, and he's partially right.
The last couple of days have been in trying to contain myself into finishing projects already in process before jumping into newly inspired ideas from this past weekend. 

The Queen holding court - Jester on the right
We spent last Friday night at the Rossing Ramada where I was able to enjoy my family and darling granddaughters.  This was after dining on Indian food for the first time.  Then we rested up for our whirlwind adventure on Saturday.

The doll I purchased from the Oddest Goddess

The American Craft Council was an incredible experience and my eyes were treated to visual creativity with every step.  I have been making notes and doing sketches to try to capture all the thoughts stirred up from this experience. We met some very fun and inspirational people, most notably the woman who invited my friend to the show...The Oddest Goddess.  This lady is so down to earth and nice, especially after learning her story.  She is the sole support for her husband (who has a brain tumor) and daughter (who also has a brain tumor, genetic), her husband and their child. The artist home schools the 12 year old, does all the cooking and housework due to the illness of the others and creates and sells her dolls.  All with a smile on her face.  

Barb Kobe is one of my favorite doll artists
After leaving that show we went to the Textile Center to catch the last day of the Figuratively Fiber exhibit with some awesome dolls. It was also the day of their garage sale so I left with a tiny harp and fiber renderings.  To say it was a good day is an understatement.

The Oddest Goddess had a doll on display as well as one of my favorite doll makers, Barb Kobe.  I was very inspired by seeing the use of fiber and texture in these creations and am itching to finish up the Kindle covers and such to get back to my main passion...the dolls!

Long Life the Queen of Impatience


  1. I'm sitting here at work in my jammy bottoms. At night when the Mrs is in bed asleep, I change from my jeans into my lounging jammy bottoms so that I can be comfortable during the night. So I guess it's always "wear your jammies to work day" for me. This is the beauty of private duty.

    Your doll photos are great. Such unusual dolls! In my collection, I have two made with apples. Hmmmmm, I wonder if that is where the flies have been coming from?

    You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Hi to the both of you. My mother-in-law recycled the old large Sears catalogs and made them into dolls. She won an award at her local Homemakers club one year. Luckily she made enough of them that each girl in the family has one. Enjoy!
    Mary Ann