Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family time

Over Easter we went to visit family that live out of town and I asked Left Brain to stop at McDonald's to get something to drink on the way.  Apparently he doesn't do as much fast food consumption as I do and after giving the order to the disembodied voice in the box he added..."to go".  Now, I try to be nice and not laugh right in a person's face...but this was just too rich to ignore.  "To go?" I asked.  We're in a car...at a drive through.  He agreed that last request was possibly redundant.
We were still chuckling over this as we approached the window to make payment and I leaned over and told the young girl "skip that part about having this to go...we're going to drink them in the car instead".  She was totally clueless as to what we were talking about, but it entertained us.
While sharing this with my cousin he was able to top the tale with his mother's attempt (Left Brain's sister) to give her order at the drive through...to the garbage can.  Maybe there's a fast food genetic glitch in his family.
Then I made the mistake of sharing the fact that I have tried to open the garage with my cell phone and he thought that was so funny that I decided not to tell him that I've also tried to use my cell phone to change channels.
Anyway, the whole fast food industry experience just reminded me of the statement "you are what you eat" and I cringed to think that that made me.....
Queen of the Fast, Cheap and Easy

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  1. What a wonderful story about the drive through. As for changing channels with your phone, I have to admit that I've done that too. It's most embarrassing though, when you ask someone to help you with the TV before you realize what you are holding in your hand. My son in law delights in episodes like that, and reminds you of it forever. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.