Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weird and Wacky Roadside Attractions

Why do I want to see these things so badly?  I must just be a fool for being fooled, but it sounded like a fun place to explore, so off we went.

this building was actually my favorite part

The magazine described the Eaglemount Rockery as (and I quote) “like dropping into the 1950’s.  You’ll find a small version of Mount Rushmore, a fairy house or two (or three), a relief map of Washington state, and a 12-mule team and covered wagon.  The rockery began in 1948 and remains a roadside attraction.”  I was hooked.  I'll let you form your own opinions from my photos.'s so realistic I could hardly believe I was not in South Dakota!

Thankfully this roadside attraction is free or I would have been upset.  I don’t mind being fooled but I don’t like parting with my money for the honor of it.

the Borax 20 mule team

dinosaur eating the jail

This is both an attraction, museum and cottages for rent, but the No Vacancy sign had a Bates Motel feel to it.

I kept muttering to myself “I can’t believe I’m really here” as Left Brain wore his “I told ya so” smirk.

These were pretty fun
What is that expression about going from bad to worse?  Well, it proved itself at this location.

The small stone buildings were kind of fun and I can see where they would have been fun to make.  

Had we stayed in our house with the large yards, I may have well started doing stuff like this.  I think we sold just in time.

Now you might think that would be enough for one day, but no….nearby is the farm Betty MacDonald lived on when she wrote the book “The Egg and I”.  

This farm was the inspiration for a movie about Ma and Pa Kettle.  I loved that book, have read it more than once and as a kid remembered the Ma and Pa Kettle movie.  We just have to go and see it.  

Are you sensing it was a rather lackluster day and there wasn't much to do?

The section of road that runs through the farmland is named “Egg and I Road”.  That was worth it to me but the gps kept directing us down the road.  When we came across this old farmstead it made me wonder if it might be the old Mac Donald farm.  Not the one in the songs; well, maybe it was…..who knows.

There were no trespassing signs all over, so I couldn't get up close to examine the buildings and this probably has nothing to do with the original farm.

But in my imagination I like to think I stumbled across the real deal.  Yeah, I really am that easy to fool.

Long Live the Queen of Weird and Wacky


  1. pretty area, for sure! i like the old farms and buildings. but the attraction site...well... :)

  2. I am so glad you sold before reaching this state........

  3. I have no doubt that as creative and fun as are, that you could put together quite a roadside attraction! I am glad you are taking notes!

  4. Haha. I've enjoyed reading this post tremendously. The old buildings are fabulous! I'll bet they were really grand homes in their day. Someone did a great job in re-creating "mount rushmore". Don't worry Queen, you're not being fooled, you're having a grand adventure. You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.