Monday, September 8, 2014

Going to the Sun Road....with sun this time

Cue the music...."a long and winding road".  That pretty much sums up this journey to the upper limits.

We started with a hike to Avalanche Gorge, although Left Brain would say this was not a hike, it is a leisurely stroll through the woods with stops every few feet for a photo.  I did invite him "to take a hike" if this wasn't enough for him.

Nothing sets the mood of, excuse me...strolling through Glacier National Park than the sign warning you about the grizzly bears.  Hey, we're armed.  I have a camera and some water...we're good.

The first thing I noticed was these cool mushrooms, I just had to stop for these beauties.

Then it was the moss on the rocky cliffs surrounding us.  The green is vibrant and makes you just want to roll naked through it, but Left Brain restrained me just in time.

It was nice to see the sun peeking through the canopy of western and red cedar trees along the way.

There were some huge trees uprooted along the way.

Here is a glimpse of Avalance Gorge at the turning point of the hike/stroll.

After our jaunt through the woods we took a drive to the upper limits for a view of what it looked like with sun.

Here are some shots to let you see how twisty, narrow and rocky this road is.

The guard rail around the corner is a short wall of rock...but it's okay as nobody is going very fast.

Look carefully at the "ledge" and you'll see the cars.  Not much of a guard rail there to block the view.
The real excitement was at the end of the trip when we noticed a bunch of cars parked, with people standing on the shore and pointing at something across the river.  Since I am a herd animal, I leaped out of the car with camera in hand.

There was a black bear across the river, but with the distance the photo isn't very good.  But it was a neat ending to the day.

It was a picture perfect day and temperatures in the low 70's, if they could only all be like this.  But the nighttime low temps do make the cats look for a lap at night, so that's nice also.

Long Live the Queen of Slow Hiking


  1. Wow there's a lot of traffic. Were there a lot of people on the trails too?

    1. There were many people on the trails as well, but then we were doing the more popular trails. I guess in the summer you can hardly move around at all, so this was just fine for us. I figure the more people the fewer grizzly bears.

  2. i loved the moss! don't see much of that in texas. :)

    1. That is for sure! My former house had a lot of shade and sometimes I miss the smell of those ferns and moist shade loving plants.

  3. I think just one tiny photo of you rolling around in that beautiful moss would have been nice! lol. It only took one look at the view of the cars driving on that tiny road up the mountain to cure me of wanting to visit that area. I'll be happy to enjoy the view through your camera. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Hee haw. Took time to review your latest escapades, and per usual, now feel as if I have been on a lively week of vacation. Lovely cat tunnel, elongated, beside woods. Moss carpet, I would have joined you in rolling. Critters along road....and I'm talken' four legged, not two....gosh, I can only counter with the fact that the pelicans are gatherng and swooping around the Mississippi River , our Paddlewheel Banjo Boat Ride is reserved, and tonight is a bus Archeology Trip with ice cream afterwards. :-) pond lois