Sunday, September 14, 2014

I could live here!

I love Mt Vernon WA!  It has everything I could ever want right here, except for that cold and snow thing in the winter...that I can't deal with any more.

We drove around to get our bearings today by running some errands.  First thing we did was pack up all the Goodwill stuff and take it away, that freed up a ton of space as some of the items were large and bulky.

The blanket we had before wasn't large enough for both of us to enjoy without playing tug-a-war in the middle of the night, which usually ends up with tossing whatever cat might be laying between us up in the air like a trampoline.  Okay, that part is actually kind of fun, but I'm not really awake enough to enjoy it.  So, I purchased a king size blanket to end these nocturnal battles.  I think the cats appreciate it as well.  That meant I could part with the other blanket we've been carrying around in case we have any overnight guests.  There's only space for one additional blanket in this household.

Then we went to Target and I found two more stackable shelves to use on my side of the room.  Now I have space for my shoes as well as for decorative boxes to hold my cook books, Photoshop books, sewing supplies and electric cords.  Left Brain has a matching set on his side for his shoes and personal items.  They both provide a nice little table area, something sorely missing here.  The added plus is it will give me an excuse to make another runner for the top surface.

my new little storage area

Left Brain's shelves

We found a TJ Maxx, movie cineplex, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Panera, Kohls...all my favorite places.  And I know from checking online where the JoAnne Fabrics is as well.  This will make waiting for the repair to the windshield most pleasant.

So today was spent assembling the shelves and getting things organized.  The cat tent went up and half of their tunnel went away due to lack of space here.  I finally prepared some info cards on the cat tent and tunnels that I can hand people when they come over to ask...and this happens ALL the time.  I should just purchase a couple of extra tents and sell them on the road.

The laundry is just across the street, so I took three loads over today to catch up on that.  I want to wash the blanket for guests and get that back in it's space bag.  Those things are wonderful for this lifestyle, you can shrink blankets and pillows down to nothing to be stashed away.

It feels so good to not be moving for a while and having a RV park to utilize instead of a campground, especially with all the shopping close by.

I do believe I feel a "me" day coming soon to visit Panera and then all my favorite craft places to see what else might enhance my life.

Long Live the Queen of Shopping Heaven


  1. definitely sounds like you're happy!

  2. I am envisioning a roman shade to cover the front of the new storage...

  3. Gosh, I think I could live in a place like that too. Sounds really nice. Who knows? Maybe their winters aren't so bad there. Have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.