Thursday, September 25, 2014

Crossing Over

Well, I guess that could mean many things, but for us it meant we were at the Coupeville Dock to take the ferry into Port Townsend.  I’d been on a ferry before as a walk on, but See-More had never been on one, so he was pretty excited.  The price was right, about $65 for both the RV and car.  We figure it would have cost more in gasoline to drive the long way around.

the road to no where

oh, here comes the ferry now

We like to be prompt and it paid off as we actually got to be there for the earlier ferry instead of waiting an hour for our 11:00 departure.  Everyone was lined up in lanes and then the dog came sniffing around…not sure if it was for bombs, drugs or whatever and nobody got arrested.  That would have been exciting to watch.

It’s amazing what these ferries can hold.  I watched the departure of the vehicles when it docked and it was a bit like witnessing dozens of clowns climb out of that little car at the circus.  There were semi-trailers, cars, bikes and walkers.  I guess getting our RV loaded would not be a problem.

The ride was pretty short and before long we had our first glimpse of Port Townsend.  It looks like a cute little town and we look forward to exploring it during our stay. 

I loved this old building with all the advertisements on the side from over the years.  Hmmm, this might make a neat texture for a photo of the city, I’ll have to play with that concept later.

Left Brain took off in the RV and I followed in the car until I wasn't sure where he was going and took off on a different road.  Our gps systems both had their own unique idea of how we should get there and pretty soon he pulled up behind me at the Evergreen Coho SKP park.

I had forgotten that there was an Escapee’s park way up here, I think of them as all being in the south going from coast to coast.  Since we are proud members, this makes for a less expensive stay and we opted to remain for a week.  And that’s probably a good thing since now our jacks are acting up. 

 Poor Left Brain had to crawl underneath (on gravel this time) and use his power drill with the socket attachment to manually get them to lower.  Jeeez…what’s going to break down next?

Long Live the Queen of Disrepair


  1. glad the ferry ride was non-eventful. the town is pretty. i like the ghost signs on that building, too.

  2. This looks interesting! I am glad the ferry went well for you all. I am so sorry to hear of more trouble. That is not good, especially with the weather changing now. I hope it gets resolved quickly for you. Stay safe! Hug.

  3. It's just like a house, always something... Oh yeah it is your home and then it's also a car... guess it means you both sets of issues. Drats.

  4. I suppose it's true, that like a house it's always something. Your photos are just wonderful. I am amazed at how all the big vehicles can be transported on the ferries. That little town looks like it would be such fun to poke around in. Can't wait to see what you find there. Here's wishing you a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. It's me again. I am so lackadaisical some days. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Hope it is filled with many blessing. Hugs, Edna B.