Monday, September 1, 2014

Location is everything

We have learned that campgrounds will charge whatever the market will bear and to just accept that fact and hand over the money.

While going down the east coast last winter we quickly got over the sticker shock of paying for places to land, and in peak season in Florida you're happy just to find a place no matter what the cost.

We like to keep our stays at $20 - $30 a night when possible, and what you get for your money is never quite the same from place to place.

For example, here we are in Medora ND at the Red Trail Campground.  It's a small town and one of the three grocery outlets IS this campground.  This campground is also one of the main laundry mats with a whopping five washers and four dryers.

This is an area where you will not see any commercial franchises - no golden arches, Subway, Walmart, etc.  It's all locally owned businesses.

As you can guess by the photo below, our current campground is not deluxe by any standards.  But, the internet service is good and we have full hookups with what appears to be decent water, so we're happy....unless that hill behind us comes sliding down this weekend.

The cost here for one week was $195 (averages to $27.85 a day) and that's with the Good Sam discount.

the office at Carriage Manor
We will be staying at Carriage Manor in Mesa AZ for an average cost of $27.50.  At that facility we have a pool, spa, pickleball and tennis courts, karaoke, line dancing, live entertainment, a sewing room and more clubs than you could ever join.

This is one of the reasons I don't care so much for campgrounds but love RV resorts.

Long Live the Queen of Camping


  1. wow. huge difference in amenities. :)

  2. google ate my comment. I'll leave one on the next post. Hugs, Edna B.