Monday, September 1, 2014

Another Day.....Another State

We are now officially in big sky country since we've crossed over the border into Montana.  Although that sky was pretty danged huge in North Dakota as well.

It was a long day driving and I'll share some of the sights along the road today.

This triple threat was carrying long loads of oil to the east

This guy was carrying a different kind of fuel to the west

I'm always enchanted by these old homesteads and wonder at the stories they could tell

At first sight we were both thinking "oh crap!  We're not going to fit under that bridge span"

You can imagine our relief when we turned the corner and saw that it was not an issue

What the heck?  Is that a dinosaur on that thar hill?

We are nestled into our little skinny site at the Edgewater Inn and Motel.  Many of the motels out this way have spots for RV's in the back as well as camping areas.  It's only $34 for night with full hook ups, which is high...but like I said it's "location location location".  

Yup...all that space from the posts to the tree is ours to use.  But there's always room for the cat tunnel!

As you can see we are situated right next to the railroad bridge, which doesn't bother us much but George seems a little put out by it.  It must sound too much like thunder to him.  

That's it for the day.   We're never sure what kind of internet will find later, so will post this as an additional post today just to be sure.

Long Live the Queen of Montana


  1. some lovely views and a surprise or two. :) 3 engines on a train? have never seen that!

  2. Wow, is that three engines on one train, or is it three trains hooked together? I love the photos. The landscape is just so beautiful in that part of the country, and the sky is sooooo huge! My goodness, could they spare the space in your new plot? lol. As long as it all fits, that's what counts. You have a wonderful evening. Keep those photos coming. I'm really enjoying the trip. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Gosh, I feel like I am leading two lives, yours and mine. And I love BOTH of them. pond lois