Thursday, September 11, 2014

Moving on again

We spent Wednesday by sleeping in and spending the day cleaning out the car and RV, getting things into order again.

Since we have this nice paved surface to work on and the air is on the cool side, it made this task very pleasant.

I now have a trash can filled with items for Goodwill as soon as we see one.  We used to keep a larger trash can outside for non-food items but decided it's just too much hassle and it can go.

It's amazing how fast you can pick up stuff you don't need or even want, and when you live small you can't just toss it aside and think about getting rid of it "some day".

This was a nice respite from traveling each day and it felt good to get things cleaned up and organized again.  Now I feel ready to resume the adventure.

Long Live the Queen of Organization


  1. i like your handy cabinet assistant.

  2. NEVER tire of feline pictures. Keep 'um coming. :-) Side note...I am using the od longish rupperware you recycled, through me, for cooked turkey bacon ready for snacking, or TLT's, as in BLT's. :-)

  3. You certainly are the queen of organization. Have you started your book yet?