Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekend Woes

By Saturday we were getting a bit bored and ready to move on, but there's still that stupid part for the awning that's holding us up, so we are scheduled to stay here until Tuesday morning.  If it hasn't arrived by then....well, we'll need a new plan.

Is it just me or does it look like this water tower is wearing a tool belt?
So we decided to bike into Old Town Mount Vernon to see the little shops and take in the farmers market.  Actually we'd forgotten all about the farmers market until we got there and thus caught the very tail end of it.  But it was in time to snag some fresh organic tomatoes for snacking on later. 

Getting them back on the bikes was a bit dicey (get it?  diced tomatoes?) and a couple of them required immediate eating, which we were only too happy to do.  There's nothing like a good juicy home grown tomato.

It was fun checking out this little town and I spied some interesting looking shops to revisit during Sunday football the next day.  I could hardly wait.

Later that night we caught a nice documentary PBS did on Robin Williams and I learned that Left Brain has not seen Dead Poet's Society and Good Will Hunting.  That must be remedied at once.

Sunday arrived and the minute Left Brain turned on the scourge of our nation (aka football) I snatched up the car keys and said goodbye.

I arrived at the old downtown area about 10:15.  The plan:  visit the quilt shop and the kitchen shop and then have some Indian food for lunch.  Oh what a sweet day this will be.

Sunday.  It appears many things are closed on Sunday.  Such as Indian restaurants and quilt shops.  The specialty kitchen store wouldn't open until noon.  Oh what to do?

some lovely flowers in a planter downtown
Since I had just loaded the new app "map my walk" that I saw my friend Becky using, I figured I'd walk for a bit.

I've meant to start out this trip by walking 30 minutes every day and whittling away the excess fat that has taken up lodging around my middle. 

 So far that hasn't happened, but today is the day!

I figure if I just make it a plan to walk for 10 - 15 minutes a day I'll end up wanting to do more.  Yes, I really am that easy to fool.  So I strolled around downtown Mount Vernon for about 40 minutes without even knowing it.  Translation: I forgot where I parked my car and went a few blocks out of my way.

Then, since I'd burned a couple hundred calories, I figured I'd find some pizza for lunch, but nothing came up in the area that didn't have horrible reviews.  So, it was back to Panera where I had the spinach artichoke souffle for brunch....better choice for my weight loss plan anyway.

I checked Best Buys and Walmart but couldn't find either of the movies I wanted, so called it a day and returned home to do some sewing.  These titles are too old, I'll have to order them through Amazon when we land somewhere.

At least I started my daily walking routine.  All journey's begin with one step.

Long Live the Queen of Denial


  1. when you said you were going back on sunday for the shops, i knew small-town-america would be mostly closed. :) but you made the best of it with good walking!

    as for doing a painted bunting drawing, i did one a couple of years ago. hard to get the bright colors without making him almost cartoon-like. if you want to see it, there's a page on my blog for 'my giveaways' that show all the drawings i've given away thus far. :)

    hope that part comes in!

  2. Bringing you regards from Tiffany and Richie... Both are both hanging around with people who like to sell and buy glass objects d'art... Any clue where I was?

  3. Good for you for walking. I used to walk everywhere, but that was then. Amazon has a program called Prime that gives you all the free movies you want, two day free shipping, free music and much more. You could download movies to your laptop when you have hi-fi and then watch them whenever you choose. It's $99.99 a year. Not a bad deal if you shop Amazon and watch a lot of movies.

    Our weather today was superb! The rest of the week, except for one day should be mostly in the 70's. I love it! You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Girl, you have been shopping big box stores too long! Think about "downtown" W.S. when you were young, nary a thing open on Sunday. In my hometown even the grocery and gas stores were closed. Actually, I miss having a day that is dedicated to home and family, whether it be Saturday or Sunday or whenever. We are in the Ring of Kerry, spending Monday dedicated to home and blog and ???? Sunrise peaking over the golf course outside our living room window. Life is rough.................