Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unexpected surprises

This park has a great sense of humor, some of the friendliest people I've ever met and some gorgeous flower gardens.

As we strolled around the park we noticed this monument to "lawn mowing no more".  I guess that's true since all the sites here are gravel.

We had just been talking about getting our flu shots a day or two earlier and as soon as we were set up a kind lady came over with an invite to the flu shot and wine tasting event.

This is the town we are living in currently.

Hmmm?  I would have thought the wine tasting should have been first, but oh well.

I barely felt my shot go in, so I couldn't understand the lady who was complaining about how painful it was and shaking her arm as she left muttering about waiting for the "girl" next time.
This is the totem pole in front of the club house - lots of totem poles up this way.

Then the fun started.  One of the men came in carrying a bottle of wine and when the lady at the flu shot table asked if he'd like to have a flu shot the cork blew off the top of his wine bottle and liquid started sputtering out all over the floor.

One of the berry bushes near our site.

I glanced up from my laptop and said "a simple yes or no would have been sufficient".

These asters are blooming their little hearts out near the park entrance.
Then while that was being cleaned up I noticed the Rawhide theme song and guessed that a TV had been turned on. was the deer on the wall singing, one of those electronically animated creatures.  Oh boy.

the Japanese maple in one of the many flower beds around the park

And I haven't even had any wine yet!  I can't imagine what I'd see had I been drinking.

To add to the surprise, I discovered there was a quilt show in Port Townsend and Left Brain sat in the car reading while I prowled around for things to buy and voted for my favorite quilt.  It was cold enough that I could finally wear my quilted jacket I'd made earlier and that got lots of comments as I walked from room to room.

Long Live the Queen of Surprises


  1. sounds like you're in a neat and quirky place.. :)

  2. You made a quilted jacket? I would love to see that! This place sounds like a fun place to stay! tasting and flu shots? Who thought that up?! Stay well...and happy!

  3. Did you make a new jacket or is this the one we all love? If it's a new one, where's the picture? I agree, wine before shot sounds better.

  4. Yeah, we want a photo of your quilted jacket. Gosh what a fun little town. I thought that memorial for the lawn mower was so funny. I've never seen a totem with a fish on top, so this one is quite interesting. The flora is simply beautiful. With those beautiful red berries, there must be lots of birds there too.

    Enjoy your new park, and have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.