Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our first night near Glacier Park

We left the Edgewater Inn and continued north with new knowledge.  George is absolutely terrified of least when they are as close as they were here...good to know this.

Before leaving we got to meet the man who was tent camping next to us.  He pulls his dalmatian, Hamlet, behind him in the little carrier.  

Can you imagine pulling around this additional weight all day and then taking the dog for a walk when you set up camp? 

He showed me how Hamlet's ball (which is obsessed with) is chained to the inside, otherwise he likes to toss it out on the road as they travel along.

I never thought to ask the man his name, I'm bad that way....just get to know the dog or cat instead.

We arrived later in the day than normal, so stopped at the Glacier Haven RV & Campground for a two night stay, since that's what Passport America allowed.  Let me say that the area is beautiful and the park is nice, but the owners...not so much.

When we arrived the wife greeted us and started the paperwork for us, explaining that her husband would have to tell us which site we were in and run the credit card, etc.  After all the necessary forms were written up we were told to "just drive around" until we located him and he would direct us to our spot.  I offered to wait and requested to wait, but no...we were on a search for the owner.

We had barely driven down the road when a four wheel vehicle came roaring up with a cranky looking man, who after hearing my explanation shook his head and growled that I should have waited.  So back to the office I went, feeling like a petulant school girl being sent to the principals office.
This is one of the many protective areas to prevent avalanche debris from landing on the railroad tracks

I requested two nights and he countered that they only honored one.  I explained that the Passport America guide showed it was two.  Keep in mind that it is now after Labor Day weekend and the park is basically empty.  He begrudgingly said we could have two nights and assigned me to site 15.  

We got to site 15 and found another RV parked there.  They explained that they had arrived when the owners were gone and just set up. They were supposed to be on site 9, but it wasn't suitable due to the slope.  So again I walked back to the office to request site 13 since that's where we were currently sitting.

I explained to the "nice man" that site 15 was already taken and asked (very pleasantly I must add) if we could have 13 as that's where we were waiting and it looked nice.  He glared up at me and said I should take site 9, where the other people were supposed to be.  I countered with the info that they rejected it due to the uneven ground.  He growled back that it wasn't all that bad.

The clouds depicted my mood perfectly

Now I'm angry.  I'm tired, I don't feel well, it's getting late in the day and my evil twin began to emerge.  This guy is reminding me way too much of the jerk I used to work for in the past, who was basically a bully....just like this guy.

I leaned over the desk and into his face and asked in my own growl whether site 13 was open or not.  There was a long silence as he checked his papers and finally he said that yes, it was.  I followed up with "well then...can we have site 13 or not?".  This was said in a not pleasant manner.   He finally caved and said he supposed so.  I was ready to set up on site 13 whether given permission or not.  I mean come on....there's maybe four RV's in the whole place.

Once I cooled down we had a nice evening and settled in for some much needed rest.   Tomorrow will be another day.

Long Live the Queen of Anger Management


  1. that man sounds really awful. hope the campsite is better!

  2. I love the traveling dog! I will have to try that with Stella. Ha! I do not recommend this for most cats, though.
    You handled the camp spot pretty much as I would have. Why do people make things so difficult? That includes the ones who moved without permission, as they only complicated it. And you are supposed to take the bad spot...what, as their punishment? You stood your (even) ground! Yea! Enjoy.