Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Changing our outlook on life Here

We finally got the call that our windshield was in!  Now we can get this replaced and once our part for the awning arrives we can once again move about the country.

Here is the half of the comforter that lines the front of the dashboard now
It's been nice to have this week to catch up and relax while waiting for repairs, but there's so much I want to see.  

While waiting I cut the comforter in half and as you can see, it looks the same from the main part of the RV.

Here is the view when inside the bedroom.  With the gray blanket it kind of blends together.  The best part is when I place it on just my half!  If it gets too warm I can kick it over the side without all that extra fabric grabbing on, this works much better.

As you can tell, George really doesn't care if it's only half since it's on the bottom half where he enjoys his naps.  Yes, that is an arm and fingers cat of the hazards of having a former doll artist as your waitstaff.

Even though it was a bit of a hassle to pack up and drive over to the glass repair place, it was great to have this taken care of.

We had three guys up on a platform ready to cut out the old window and put in this new shiny one.  They even managed to heat the Texas inspection sticker so it could be replaced on the new windshield.

Now you can see the half a comforter from inside.  It sure looks nicer without that old duct tape over the crack.  Hmmm, I think George needs a new cover for his bed.  The little cat quilt isn't large enough to cover it.  Looks like I'll be going back to the fabric shops.

Long Live the Queen of Clear Vision


  1. hope they got it all sealed in with no leaks!

  2. You can see clearly now... So glad.

  3. This is certainly good news. I think the "half" comforter looks great on the dash. Your kitty quilt is adorable, and I just love your reasoning for a trip to the fabric shop. That's my way of thinking too. You have a fabulous day. Happy travelling, hugs, Edna B.

  4. I am glad your windshield is finally in. Hopefully the awning part will be in soon.
    George certainly looks comfy there. I love the comforter and cat quilt. The arm is kinda' creepy, though!