Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ya gotta know when to hold em...know when to throw them..

After chatting with a new full timing lady I met recently the dilemma of do you keep some of your stuff or make a clean break of everything?  There's many points of view on this issue.

In her case she has rented a small (5x5) storage locker and has kept some of the furniture that was handmade by her father.  She wants to have these things when they get off the road and into a stationary home again.  I don't own anything that has any emotional pull for me. Luckily my cousin loves antiques and family history and has willingly taken everything old I have that was passed down.  It's nice knowing someone will be using and enjoying these pieces.

However, I do have a couple of pieces of Amish made furniture that I really like and wonder if I should hang on to for dressers and storage for the apartment we will someday have.  Yes, I enjoy them, but do I really want to pay to store them for I don't know how long? More than likely I will sell these and see what happens later down the road.

Some friends have suggested we rent the house for a year or two until we get this out of our system.  I think they believe we have gone insane as we embrace a somewhat alternative lifestyle.  They may be right, but as they listed off the things they need to do to their house and all the paid labor they've hired to do the things they no longer can (or want to) do...I just smiled and really felt good about our decision.

My notice came up for my website hosting and I replied to let it go.  I've not been good about keeping up my website anyway and I do believe I feel another blog coming on for that purpose.  Between the blogs and Facebook there are so many great FREE ways to promote yourself, I just can't see maintaining a website any more.  

I will also let go of my business account at my small home bank at the end of the year and the credit card service that goes with it after this years shows are done.  I will find a more national bank and some other mobile way of dealing with credit card purchases at shows.  There are so many changes coming up this year!

Long Live the Queen of Change

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  1. I met another person on-line who lives in an RV year round. They rent their house out. But then there are two sides to everything. You do what is best for you. As for the credit card sales, you can get an ap for your phone that scans the cards, and Pay Pal might be a way to go. It's worth checking out. Have a safe and fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.