Friday, February 24, 2012

The Wind Won.

Whoosh, whoosh, whip whip whip.  I finally shut the door and windows...not because it was too cold but I couldn't bear to hear the wind attempting to rip the cabana off the canned ham anymore.  I fully understand now those stories of pioneers going insane on the prairies with the relentless blowing of the wind.

While I was scooting my bootie at line dance, Left Brain was doing the laundry.  He's such a mensch.  I caught up with him at the tail end of the chore and met a nice lady who has been full-timing for four years now.  It was so much fun chatting with her and learning how they had done things.

When we returned to the canned ham the wind was howling worse than ever and the cabana was starting some sort of St Vitus Dance of the Damned.  So, we started to disassemble the cabana and as the first few drops of rain fell we tossed it into the back of the van until we would be able to fold and place it back into it's little bag.  Whew.  No damage, no poles broken.

Then as the skies turned grayer and the sprinkles began to hit the top of the metal roof we checked the web for which movie we might be able to see today.  As luck would have it, Act of Valor had just opened and it's one Left Brain wanted to see, so we opted for a popcorn lunch and movie.

Intense doesn't begin to describe this movie, which was very well done, but I was left wondering if one can get PTSD from watching all the blood and fighting.  The theme of the movie also brought into play the viciousness of the drug cartels in Mexico.  I'm glad we'd already went into Mexico when we did because after the presentation from the Border Patrol and then this movie I wouldn't walk over there for love or money.

Then we returned to the canned ham, which looks positively naked without the cabana.  The afternoon was spent with me checking out anything I could find about living in the RV and he watched golf on TV.

Long Live the Queen of the Wind

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  1. Great shot of She Devil. The winds will be howling all through the night here. Be very careful. some of these winds could cause power outages. Have a good night, hugs, Edna B.