Monday, February 13, 2012

The decisions continue

We keep working over which way to go in our new life - a fifth wheel and a truck or a motor home towing a smaller car.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.  The decision will no doubt be made after we sell the house  and actually have the money to make the next move.  Yeah, we're that kind of people.  We have always believed in having the money first before spending it.

I'm leaning towards a fifth wheel and a heavy duty truck.  The advantages of a fifth wheel is the abundant storage space and it looks and feels more like a residential home.  The bedroom is generally in the part that rides over the pick up truck and most have large wardrobes, dressers and a queen sized bed, sometimes a king sized bed.  There's a good deal of storage underneath also for those guy type of things.  My favorite part is that the kitchens are quite large and there is usually an entertainment area with flat screen TV, radio and a fireplace.  Yup.  A fireplace in an RV.  Sounds weird, but those that have them say they are lovely for taking off the chill in the morning without having to run the furnace. Many of them also have ceiling fans which help in the warm weather to keep the air moving quietly.

Another plus is that they are easy to drive (so I've read but have  never actually driven one) as they can turn very sharp to put into their parking spots.  With lights and a mirror the hitching up can be a one person job.  They usually have a large window on the back which is often your best view if you can get into a state or county park or national forest.  They are known for holding their value better than a  motor home as there is no motor to maintain.

The drawbacks are that you have to leave the truck to get in and out of the fifth wheel, so if it's pouring rain when you arrive you're going to get soaked running from the truck to the rig.  Not a big deal in my mind.  There's limited space in the truck for transporting people and pets as it's illegal to ride in a trailer.  Another drawback is that when you've arrived now you have this big honking truck to run around in to get groceries and the like.

The advantages to a motor home are obvious - you buy it and you're done.  You don't have to pick out a rig and then spend another $50k on a truck.  More advantages are that you can carry your family and pets with you in the rig during the journey rather than crammed into the cab of a truck and if you arrive in a storm you don't have to get out to unhook the car right away.  It can wait until later.  This part appeals to me as a safety concern since we will no doubt be boon docking a fair amount to save some money.  It feels safer to me to be able to turn the key and just leave if something or someone is spooking me.  If you felt uneasy in a fifth wheel you'd have to exit the rig to get into the truck.  Another advantage to a motor home is the view while you travel.  You are sitting up much higher and have huge windows to look out of.  The car you tow behind it is could be a small, fuel efficient car...perhaps a sporty little convertible is in my future?

The downside to the motor home is that it's well, a motor home.  When you are done driving you're still in the same rig and much of the space is lost in the front of the cab where the two front seats are.  Although, She Devil is casting her vote for the motor home for that very reason - it's a great spot to park the litter box and the huge flat dash is every kitty's dream spot.

The living space in a motor home doesn't seem as large as in the fifth wheel, the kitchen's are usually pretty dinky and there's not much storage space inside the rig.  Now underneath it, there's much more. But, I'd rather have my usable storage up where I'm living.  While in the canned ham I've had a good deal of practice digging things out of the back of the van or from the cabana due to lack of space inside the rig.

I have no way which type of rig we'll end up with, I guess either one is fine.  After doing nothing but researching this for the last month or so all I know is that I must have adequate storage and a decent kitchen. Beyond that I'm pretty flexible.  It will be lovely to have a door to the bedroom and a choice of more than one seat to sit in.

Long Live the Confused Queen of Too Many Choices

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  1. I can't wait to see what type of travel home you will end up with. I never realized that there was so much to consider. But then, I've never been in either type. Either way, I know you are in for a wonderful adventure. Hugs, Edna B.