Friday, February 3, 2012


There is an RV club designed by RVers for RVers called Escapees.  Left Brain and I had belonged to this many years ago when we had the motor home.  This was when we met Nick Russell from Gypsy Journal at the rallies and we've never been quite the same.  Nick has that effect on people.  Check out his website and blog - he also has a "Bad Nick" blog that I'm particularly fond of.  Not to mention that he has two books our now, one just hitting Amazon as we speak.

One of my questions from yesterday is how do we handle our mail.  That's been one of my biggest concerns.  We're doing this in a couple of ways.  First, I'm working to eliminate as much snail mail as possible by having my accounts all paperless and handling them on the computer.  This is a major paper saver, but does take some getting use to.

Even though I love my Kindle and can't bring myself to read paper books any more, I still prefer my magazines in paper form.  I like having the Gypsy Journal available to carry around and then hand off to other RVers who may not be familiar with Nick.

Escapees is headquartered in Livingston TX and we plan to visit them on our way back to the frozen tundra from which we came.  They provide a mail service for a reasonable yearly fee and will forward your mail to you where ever you happen to land.  It's nice knowing something like this exists and is much more flexible and affordable than dealing with the good old US Postal Service.  Maybe if they were to embrace the large population living on the road and tailor a service to meet their needs they wouldn't be hurting so badly these days.  It's all about supply and demand.

They offer so much more than that, including special interest groups, workshops and rallies.  There just isn't space to go into all that is available - not in one writing anyway.

Long Live the Queen of the Road

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  1. Escapees' mail forwarding service sounds good, but what about when you are expecting packages? Does it make it more difficult to order things through the mail? How do you handle banking? Do other banks offer no-fee services so that you can use your checking and savings accounts? If I wanted to send you a card, would I send it two or three weeks early to give it time to catch up with you?

    Gosh, I have so many questions. My kids and I think you are so adventurous, and will be looking forward to your stories and photos from all the wonderful places you will be going. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.