Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To my grandchildren

Hey guys!  Today's blog is all around you.

First let me thank you for being the coolest grand daughters any one could ever dream of having.  Our biggest concern in choosing our new adventure was in not being able to see you as much as we would like. This was a very hard decision for us.

But, now that you are old enough to communicate with us in writing, we hope that our adventures will be a learning tool for you as we explore new areas and write to tell you about them.

You have taught us so much!  Sometimes when people get older they forget how to see things through the eyes of a child and experience the wonder of everyday life.  You brought that back to us.  You made us laugh and giggle and enjoy the silliness of things.  Okay, I've always been more that way...but you've done an amazing job with Grandpa!

Even though we won't be with you in person as much as before, I'm hoping we can kick up our closeness even more on the road.  I'm hoping for letters (translation:  emails) telling us what you've done, what you're thinking, what you're reading...that kind of thing.

We won't grade you on your spelling...if anything, I expect to learn some new vocabulary from you that WE have to look up.  And I'll try to slip in some new words for you too.  I will be traveling with a thesaurus!

This way you will be with us on the road as you travel along in our hearts and our minds.  It will just be so much harder for you to get on my last nerve...yes...my very last one.  You'll have to work at that!

Then there's that beauty of your becoming old enough to travel without your parents and perhaps they would fly you down to visit us.  We'll make sure to be parked somewhere fun for you to see.  You tell us where you want to go, we'll set up camp and wait for you to arrive.  Okay, the parents can come too if they must.  But it's really YOU guys we want....but don't tell them that, it might hurt their feelings.

There will be much more room in the new canned ham - it will be  super-sized.  Well, anything has to be larger than this.  Most of the layouts we've looked into have a couch that makes into a bed with an air mattress.  Or we can always set you up on air mattresses further apart from each other if you're not getting along.  Who wants to sleep in the cargo bay?

We're not sure how much longer She Devil will be able to travel with us, we think this might be her last big trip...but who knows.  She's one mean cat and might live on forever!  But we promise you that when she's gone and we're ready again to love another animal, the next kitties (yes, two of them) will be friendly, cuddly and nice.  It is possible.  You can't judge everything by She Devil.

We can't wait to share the adventures of the open road with you!

Grandpa and Bubbe


  1. How sweet.

    How eloquently put.

    And funny.

    Keep on keeping on "Bubbe".

    You two deserve this adventure together ... go get it !!

  2. I think my family would be the hardest part of leaving, but cell phones and emails, we could be in touch constantly. You granddaughter is right, go get it! Hugs, Edna B.