Saturday, February 4, 2012

I barely know myself these days

My lifelong friends are probably certain by now that some alien life force has taken over my body.  But, why they'd want THIS body, I can't begin to guess.

First it was discovering the joy of cooking.  That has had Miss M confused for some time now, but now we swap recipes and pass along cool cooking websites we find.  She would have been so proud of me when I told Left Brain the other day that one of the things our new home must have is an excellent kitchen.  The kitchen is the heart of the house after all.

I love each and every step of it, from the planning and shopping, to the slicing and dicing and prepping of foods to cook.  Now that I'm cooking with gas it has that added thrill of instant flames that shoot up and flare when grease hits it.  Perhaps I've always had these pyromania tendencies...who knew?

While I'm in Texas I've been learning how to line dance and I find myself humming country western songs and have thought about downloading some.  I haven't yet...just to let those back home who might be planning some kind of intervention on my behalf...but it's crossed my mind.

Well, today the dance leader had the most gorgeous pair of cowboy boots and I was overcome with lust.  They reminded me of the pair I had  many years ago while living on the Canadian border raising chickens and breaking horses.  But that's another story for another time.  I could remember the many happy hours rubbing saddle soap into my saddle and boots.  Such a delightful aroma!  And I just know that they would make some great stomping sounds, heel clicks and toe touches during the dance.  Maybe not this trip, but perhaps the next time down.  I understand they wear them even more in Arizona...another area we will begin to visit in the near future.

Now I have more motivation to lose more weight so the tight blue jeans would look good on me with my boots.  I wonder if a hat would be overkill?  It's fun to reinvent ones self.  With life on the open road no one knows you and you can become who ever you wish to be, somewhat of a human chameleon. 

Long Live the Queen of the Boot Scootin Boogie


  1. Bonnie would be so proud of you!

  2. Hi Cheryl, We arrived in AZ on Feb 1 for 2 months. A large gem and fossil show is going on and a Rodeo coming up soon. I think you would find plenty of places to wear those long as their not "Boots are made for walking"! Enjoy!
    Mary Ann

  3. Those boots look fabulous! Go for it!! I have this lovely leather cowgal hat that my huby bought me years ago. I don't wear it often because no one else that I know wears anything like it. Sad! You have a fun day. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. I found a pair of boots when I was in Atlanta ... the unfortunate part was that I could not get into them. It would have made a good 'Funniest Videos' as my daughter tried to free me from them. I did however enjoy my beginning line dancing class in Florida sans les cowboy boots. BUT the instructor sure looked good in hers!