Friday, February 10, 2012

More RV options

This little number has it all!
Yeah, the search continues.  I've also started to check out other parks in the south...Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc for our warm weather get- away.  One thing that is important is to have a nice swimming pool to get away from the heat. 

This one was quite lovely.

I liked the roomy bedroom, great storage and the ability to bring the boat along on the trip.

And this one was reminiscent of the old style prairie sod huts.  It would certainly be cool, but didn't appear to get good mileage.

But I bet it's nice and cool in the summer time.

It's so hard to pick one!  

We do have a lead on one back home that I'm hoping hasn't sold by the time we get there.  Great size and price, it looks like it would be everything we need.  Especially after living in a tiny enclosure for two would seem huge.

Long Live the Queen of RV Searching

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  1. My goodness! Where do you find these fabulous photos? There are days in the summer when that redneck pool would look great parked outside my door! The little RV with everything is, well... I'm speechless! I think it would be just a little too cramped for my Tootsie.

    Now the schoolbus, on the other hand, is such a fabulous idea for a vacation getaway. Talk about privacy!!! But you're right. It would be tricky getting it parked just right back in it's dugout.

    I sure hope the RV back home turns out to be a pretty good deal. Happy traveling!! Hugs, Edna B.