Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photoshop Elements tutorials

One of my biggest problems is in managing my photos.  Too many photos on the hard drive - not enough that merit being there at all.

So, I have been deleting photos like crazy...absolutely ruthless.

Then I started doing some of the YouTube videos that show how to use some of the newer tools in Elements 10.

There is a tool to help you catalog and repair your files.  You can search for duplicate photos also.  That was really helpful, to have them brought up so one or both could be destroyed.

Another method is to assign a star rating of one to five stars to your photos.  Then when you are looking for your very best ones, you can find them easily.  I'm figuring those that are only one or two stars probably shouldn't be there at all, but I just couldn't cut them out of the herd just yet.  But I can locate them easily the next time I feel like purging more photos to clear up some space.

Long Live the Queen of Tutorials


  1. I have that problem too. So many photos, and I hate to part with them. I have found uses for a lot of the "not so great" photos. I make backgrounds and textures, and sometimes elements, with them for digital scrapbooking. Happy deleting and have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I started 1st by burning disks and have a stack so high but putting each one in to find what I want even though it may be somewhat labeled is still hard to find. Loading them all in Bridge or Lightroom makes it a long look-through or you have to remember the keywords. Having an external harddrive still means looking through hundreds, thousands, etc. On this trip I think I found the easiest solution for me. I got to it because I couldn't get our laptop to burn a disk. We went to Wal-mart and they had 16gb jump drives on sale for 17.88 and I bought a tablet for .99. I started by keeping all the photos by the number in the camera and wrote down the series of numbers by subject as I download. Only problem is not to lose the small jump drive or the tablet...but it's save me so much time already. Just a photo organization suggestion friends. Enjoy!