Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rain rain rain

After a long rainy muddy spell the weather finally was looking up.  The sun was out, the skies were blue, it hit 80 degrees. was good.  Finally Left Brain would be able to get out to the golf course again, allowing me a complete morning to do as I please...all alone.  Well, me and She Devil.  She's always here and the rain seems to be getting her down as well.  She 's been very mopey,  laying her head on the keyboard or my mouse, pretty much anything to get in the way and share the stickiness of her fur.  Sigh.

I woke this morning to lightening and knew the rain was returning just in time to foil another attempt for the guys to go golfing.  Sigh.

Yesterday we met with some Escapees members at an Italian restaurant.  I don't know which was more thrilling to me...visiting with like minded people or seeing a menu that did not have tacos as an entree.

After our outing we visited yet more RV places to look at motorhomes and toy haulers.  The toy haulers are the coolest things.  Picture a small fifth wheel with a bed over the cab, a kitchen and dining area and then a small garage behind a patio door.  The platform for the queen bed is on a motorized track that raises to the ceiling to allow space for hauling the "toys".

I couldn't stop imaging the fun I could have with that feature alone!  Just think how surprised the grandkids would be waking up and finding themselves touching the ceiling...that would be such fun!  Actually I'd love to just have the platform with no bed and use it to store all my craft stuff up high - kind of like having my own attic but with no steps to climb.  Then I could lower it and set up my sweat shop and create my weird little creatures.

One of the new line of dolls will be gypsies. I'm hoping to put one of these in every window of each RV in the park.  I could do basic gypsies or make caricatures to match the inhabitants of the RV.  I think I purchased one of Arley Berryhill's gypsy wagon patterns a long time ago - I need to find that and tackle that sucker.  Those would be fun also.  I've always been fascinated with gypsies ever since I was a child.

My father had a gas station and had allowed (to my mother's horror) a group of gypsies to set up in the yard behind the station.  Oh the rumors that flew!  He was warned that they would steal him blind and kidnap the children.  THAT got my interest!  Would it really be possible to be kidnapped and taken into a band of gypsies?  I was in!  But try as I might - nobody wanted to steal a scrawny little kid wishing for a more exotic family.  Oh well.

So, I'm settling in for another rainy day of RV dreaming and scheming, making more lists and plans for when I get back, more reading of the Kindle and perhaps a visit to Walmart for more supplies.  It's not a bad life.

Long Live the Queen of Storm Clouds

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  1. Yesterday, I tried leaving a comment, but Blogger had other ideas. I love your Gypsy doll and I'm sure you'll sell lots of them. Maybe you were a gypsy in another life? I love the gypsies too.
    Their life, although not an easy one, seems to be so intriguing. I'm at work now, so gotta go and get busy. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.