Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heading back

Most everything was packed already anyway, the sky was gray and Left Brain got cheated out of golfing once again by the drizzle so we looked at each other and said "Let's just go!"  This was followed by a flurry of frenzied activity as we wrestled stuff quickly into the car and canned ham for the trip back.  She Devil slept through most of our personal storm and was scooped up and put in the back seat when I needed her bench for the placement of the last three plastic tubs.  Whew.  We're in and we're off.

First stop was at the office where we had to check out and check mail one last time.  It seems we were to read our meter (?) and tell them what it said.  So, I waited while somebody ran out to get the reading.  Then it seemed an interminable length of time for her to figure out how much was used, compute the cost for February....nothing moves fast in Texas.  The cost was higher than in January with fewer days but we were so ready to leave I agreed to just pay it so we could be gone!

Second stop was to return the cable equipment.  This I expected a huge process and it went very efficiently.  That was a pleasant surprise and we were finally on the road.  Stopped to gas up the car and later at a Burger King to gas up us and smooth sailing from here on.

Then we came to the road block on the highway where everyone had to exit and go through a border patrol customs check even though we were no where near a border.  We watched as the dogs were sniffing cars and trucks, cameras were filming into the car at every possible angle and saw some agents crawling underneath a pickup truck.  Yikes.  But when they got to the two old farts hauling a camper from Wisconsin they just asked if we were both US citizens and waved us on.  I guess we don't fit any kind of exciting profile anymore.

We drove northward and took in the beauty of the early budding trees and lots of wild flowers bursting forth in the ditches and road sides.  But what we really enjoyed was the majesty of the large hawks and eagles that seemed to be everywhere - sitting on top of the telephone poles, soaring, diving....

An eagle dove down into the median right in front of us and picked up some lunch.  The expression on the rabbits face showed that he was as shocked as we were...well, he may have been more concerned as I believe he was that night's dinner guest.  Yes, we were close enough to see the expression!

The eagle seemed to hover in front of our rapidly approaching windshield and was calculating it's lift, the heavy load, the speed of the vehicle.  He computed this very fast and made the decision that he needed to get higher quick to avoid becoming a hood ornament on our van...so he dropped the bunny.

We braced for impact but given our speed and skill of the eagles toss, he cleared our windshield and van.  It may have splatted on the canned ham, not sure, didn't hear anything...but then again the adrenaline was pumping too fast in my head to hear much of anything.  The eagle cleared and I could envision him swooping back later after the cars behind us probably prepared the rabbit into pancakes for supper.

As the magic hour of 5:00 approached we pulled off to find a place for the night.  Having winterized the canned ham, we need motels at this point and finding those that will accept She Devil can be difficult.  But after being turned away by one "no pets" policy we landed and even had a small Mexican fast food place within walking distance.

A little tuna for her and a few tacos for us and we were good for the night!

Long Live the Queen of Flying Rabbits


  1. Take your time. Big storms are coming through WI/MN.

  2. Gosh so much excitement already. I surely hope you had your camera turned on and aimed at that eagle!!! I have never seen one in the wild. Travel safely my friend, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.