Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally! The secret to finding the good places to eat is revealed!

We've noticed a correlation between good places to eat and the difficulty in finding them.  

It seems that the best places are low profile and actually sometimes a little nasty looking on the outside.

Without the help of Mike drawing a map for me, we would have never found this place.  It's just a small building, no name anywhere to indicate what it even is.  He just said to "look for the cars".  

We arrived about 11:30 and had a 45 minute wait for our one burger and onion rings.  The sizes are so huge that we were advised to split one & that was very good advice.  

Their hours are posted as 10:45 to 2:45 and when they run out of meat they simply close down.  

They are open on holidays, but never on a Sunday.

It all started as a little family grocery store until one day the mother offered to make a burger for a young man who came in every day for potato chips and a soda.  Soon word of the fabulous burgers started to get out and the grocery store became a burger joint.  

They have maintained a small "grocery" shelf in one corner to remind them where it all began in a tribute to their mother.

It reminded me of the small neighborhood bar where my grandmother used to cook burgers on Saturday nights.  It has the old fashioned grill that is probably never really cleaned off and what no doubt adds to the good greasy taste of the burgers.
There is one small unisex bathroom that has a constant line.  There is no waitress or bus boy.  You place your order at the counter and take a number and wait.  When you leave you clean up your area and remove your trash.  There are no plates.  You work off the waxed paper around the burger and paper towels on the tables.

It was crowded, the burgers a bit greasy (the way they should be)  and it was a little taste of heaven for us.

Long Live the Queen of the Burgers


  1. The rainy weather must be prompting your recent food priority. Enjoy.... Miss M

  2. Oooooh....I love a good burger! And you're right. Sometimes the best food is hidden away in little places where you would never look. Next time, have one for me!! Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. The locals know best... I 'll never forget the first time I saw hamburgers about the size of a hubcap...The ambience also adds to that flavor! Have one for me.