Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rainy days in Texas

I like this one - I can picture me as a gypsy dancing around the fire.
I was so very wrong - it can rain in Texas and it after day after day.  Can one's very spirit get soggy?  The cheerios are stale from the humidity, there's no place to go...wah, wah, wah.

Oh the weather outside is gloomy...
And the ham is none too roomy....
and since there's no place to go....
I think I will go see a show....

Then I went outside and found that Left Brain had left both the front windows down.  So,with two beach towels and a trash bag for cushion from the soaking wet seat, off I went. 

We have been to more movies in a month together than we have in all our 27 years together.  I'm so used to going with alone or with my seems odd to have Left Brain with me.  As a consequence I'm watching far more spy thrillers and the like than fluffy chick flicks.  I miss my chick flicks and comedies.

If the rain continues, we could get this RV houseboat
It would have been lovely to attend the big RV show in Houston but it would require a six hour drive one way to get there, necessitating an overnight stay.  This is not possible with She Devil alone here needing her meds and we really didn't feel like dragging her with, so we agreed to skip this.  

Unfortunately it seems ALL the RV shows in the nation are held this coming weekend - which is too early for us.  There was a nice big show here earlier, but we had not yet made the decision to go full time and therefore didn't analyze them the way we would have now.

Perhaps we could live in an RV condominium?
Oh well.  We managed to duck one of the storms and get to another local RV dealer out here.  I was almost afraid to after our last visit to one.  It was greasy, smelly and the salesman looked like Willie Nelson. We did see some lovely models and when I googled to see what dealers  were back home, lo and behold our favorite spot in West Salem - Coulee Region RV popped up.  I've been communicating with them on several models that they have on sale during their open house....this coming weekend of course.

Our dilemma is twofold.  We would like as short a rig as possible to make it fit better into State Parks which we enjoy, but provide enough living room to be in full time.  We've learned we really don't need a huge area.  It would be just lovely to have more than one choice for sitting down.  In any of the larger rigs we could opt for a kitchen chair, a recliner or a couch - wow!

Our choices keep jumping all over the place from tiny ones to live in for a short period of time and then upgrade to a larger one, or jump right in for a larger one to start with.  Too many choices!  I finally sat down last night and made a list of my dream RV versus what I could accept and must have.  That helped to calm me down a bit, but it was still not a restful night.

So, the search continues for the perfect new home.  Provided we can sell the old home to pay for it.  Timing is everything!

Long Live the Queen of RV Dreaming

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  1. I love that old gypsy truck/camper/house on wheels. And I think that canned ham (rv) houseboat is something else! The display of RVs is amazing. I wonder how they get them all up on their stands? Interesting!

    Your poetry is really pretty good. As for the rain, have you thought of taking up knitting or crocheting? Maybe do jigsaw puzzles on your laptop? These are good things to do in the rain. I have to make lunch for the Mrs now. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.