Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More options for the new rig

Left Brain and I were talking about our new life and what would make the perfect rig for us...again.  I know, it's all we seem to talk about lately, but it is a big decision and it's easier to discuss it while we're south and have less distractions.

Having to make do with one car could be difficult and we keep trying to find some way to bring his motorcycle with us.  We've been doing well with one car, but this is short term and right now everything we do is together.  When back in our "home" area that will change if he continues to work, spend time with the grandkids  and I want to see friends.

So, some new ideas are to either get a fifth wheel toy hauler which would give us one pick up truck and what ever we hauled in the back, probably his motorcycle or a very small car, maybe both?  The other option is to get a motorhome and pull a small pickup truck with the motorcycle in its bed, which would give us both a vehicle once we've landed also.

Tomorrow we are meeting a group of local Escapee's at a lunch nearby and plan to revisit some RV dealers to look at the toy haulers and motorhomes again.  Toy haulers are basically the fifth wheel but in the back portion it's like a garage.  Some have queen sized beds that can lower, or bunks that fold up against the wall.  I like this option as that space would make a lovely "sweat shop" for my sewing on the road after the vehicles are moved out.

So many options!  So little money!

Long Live the Confused Queen of the Road

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