Thursday, March 1, 2012

There's no place like home!

We haven't had internet for a couple of days, so the blog has been lacking.  I posted the last one using my phone and a draft of an article I had started earlier.

The day after the "bunny incident" we could clearly see where he hit the top of the canned ham.  So glad to find he wasn't wedged under the air vent or anything even more distusting.

We managed to get in and out of the motels on the way back, She Devil loved having us both in one bed so she could sleep between us again.  I built a little staircase for her with chairs and coolers so she could get up and down on her own.

At the last motel the two ladies at the desk came down to meet her and thankfully she didn't hiss or smack at them.  Whew!  It will be nice to have the motorhome and not have to deal with motels again in the future.

We pulled in late afternoon and unloaded a bunch of stuff to get it inside the house.  Right now it's piled up in the middle of the living room floor and garage.  No snow storms on the way, good roads and we missed the tornados that passed through earlier.

Our neighbors came over to welcome us home and I kept them standing on the front deck for quite a while.  Left Brain told me he heard the doorbell and since I was waiting for the pizza delivery I would run out, look out the studio window and not seeing any delivery car, return to my chair.  I finally noticed someone standing outside on my second or third trip and let them in.

We are going to miss the neighbors here - everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  I have to keep reminding myself that I will still be able to see them when we return to the area and keep in touch with Facebook and emails.

Having pizza was a treat.  I haven't indulged in that for many months as it's counterproductive to Weight Watchers, but we have no food in the house and I'm beat.

Tomorrow we'll pick up whatever mail is being held, get more diabetic supplies for She Devil, stock up the fridge, start laundry and cleaning - yuck.  Too tired to think of it right now.

Think I'll go tuck myself into my OWN BED and read my Kindle.  It will feel so good to be in my own bed again.  And to jump into the hot tub in the morning.  Aaaaah.  I'm going to miss so many things when we start our new life.

Long Live the Queen of Overwhelmed

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  1. So good to hear you made it home safely. And yup, there's a lot you're going to miss when you start your new life adventure. BUT! Think of all the wonderful new people and things coming your way. It will be so exciting. While you're communicating with your friends and family (especially the grandkids) why not try using video calls with msn? It's on your computer. It's free and it's fun.

    My friend in England and I used to do this all the time. It's a lot more fun than a regular phone call.

    Now I think I'll do like you, and hop into bed with my Nook and read a bit. You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.