Monday, March 19, 2012


Started the morning before sunrise.  I woke and couldn't wait for the day to start so I slithered out quietly to the hot tub for a soak before breakfast.  After sorting and cleaning up in the garage from the weekend sale I took a load to the storage shed and then filled the van with the leftovers to haul to Goodwill.  Managed to get it all into one load - that's the sign of a successful sale!

Left Brain hauled a load of scrap metal away in the trailer and then we filled it up with bedroom furniture to haul up to the cities for the kids.  This will be the first of many loads before we're done.  I'm trying to convince the neighbor's daughter that she really needs the other Amish pieces for her house.  Then it's down to one larger recliner and his desk.  We'll probably end up giving away the end tables and small rocker.

So, our current furniture is white folding tables and plastic storage crates.  I hope to spend tomorrow sorting and getting things put back together a bit for some sort of normalcy.

We ended the day by going to see a 39' diesel pusher nearby and I could tell my the way Left Brain's tongue was hanging out that he had fallen in love.  It has three slides, a great kitchen, lots of room, big fridge with an ice maker, central vac, dual control queen size sleep number bed, big closets.  There's some wear and tear and no big pass through storage underneath, but I think this may be the rig for us.  I will need to pare down my art supplies a bit more - but by maintaining the storage for one year I should be able to reduce the last of the inventory and use up the props I'd like to incorporate into dolls.  If not, that will be let go of also and my art will take a little different turn.  There would certainly be lots of run to work in.

Next on the agenda is to get the canned ham sold and start getting some offers on the house.  It's all starting to come together.

Long Live the Queen of the Road


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  1. I'm do glad that things are fallng into place for you. You've certainly done a lot of hard work to make it happen. This new rig sounds really nice. I have a feeling that you'll be on the road pretty soon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.