Monday, March 26, 2012

A relaxing weekend

First, here are some photos from before the weekend get away with the Divine Miss M.

This is my youngest granddaughter at her soccer practice.  The photo itself was less than steller due to the lighting, distance and abilities of the goofball behind the camera (me), so I applied a dry brush filter to it to give it the feeling of being a painting.  I just had to do something with that sweet expression!

Then we went to the oldest granddaughter's volleyball game where I got to see some wicked talent on the court.

I captured a moment where she was being very contemplative and thought it would look best in black and white.

Also before the weekend we had the excitement of watching men cutting down the neighbor's big oak tree. 

Although I often go out on a limb, I would never do it in this manner.

My friend and I got to shoot the entire process and I found out later that the neighbor would have liked to have been shooting us...shooting them. 

Apparently it was pretty entertaining for everyone all the way around.

It sure was nice of Steve to provide us with so much entertaintainment.

Thank you Steve....and your little dog, too.

Of course Left Brain was not just sitting by idly on a couch watching TV and eating bonbons - he was out there mowing and cleaning up the deck to get things ready for sale. 

I'm not sure why he was looking so happy on the mower.

Perhaps he's thinking this is the last time he will have to do this?  We can only hope he's right!

He's really been pushing himself hard these last few days as we move forward in our new goal.

Maybe just a little bit too hard.

Let's just say that all this hard work has really gotten to him, as you can see here.

Poor Left Brain.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. I love your black and white photo. She looks so deep in thought.

    Im thinking that Left Brain is really going to miss riding on that mower. It looks like such fun.

    We had some trees cut down and I too grabbed my camera and took lots of photos. Why, I don't know, but I tend to photograph everything. Here's hoping your house sale goes through soon. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna b.