Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A day full of surprises

Ah, today will be a nice calm day - time to catch up and find that stash of paperwork that needs to be looked at, shave the cat and run some errands.  These are all good things as my back is killing me!  So, I started out in the hot tub and after providing a nourishing breakfast of tuna for She Devil and cheerios for me I sat back to relax and catch my breath.

Then the phone rang.  My friend Suzanne was sitting in my driveway.  She was going to come over after her water aerobics to pick up the white bookcases she had purchased, but it seems lightening had struck the YMCA and messed up the electrical components to the pool.  After loading them into her car we sat and chatted for a bit while we both caffeinated for the day.

No sooner had she left than the next person pulled up to pick up their stuff.  Left Brain was here and able to help him lift the table and metal shelving into his truck.  That was wonderful, because I really am fearful my back is ready to go out.  I must get to Dr Ted soon for an adjustment!  Now I'm down to five metal shelves to get to the neighbor next door.

Then the phone ran again.  Left Brain was yelling at me and asking if I was available at 11:00.  I told him that depended on what it was for and when he said we had an offer on the house, I announced I was available to meet with the couple and the realtor.  We gathered around the table and went through all the paperwork and received their offer, which was lower than we had hoped, but at least it was an offer.  The plus to this is the potential new owners love the house and the wife adores the gardens and hot tub.  The gardens would frighten some people away, so this was comforting.

Left Brain and the husband took a walk up the hill to find the markers of where the property actually ended while we ladies strolled the gardens and talked.  Now we are hopeful that the money will come through and we can both achieve our dreams.

After they left we had a quick lunch - the only kind we seem to be capable of getting these days and I crashed for a short nap.  Well, that ended up being a three hour nap which Left Brain woke me from so we could get ready for the World Services banquet.  Oh but I wanted to just stay in bed for a day or two!  But, we went and had a great time and another conversation ensued on the way into town.

While the 39 foot motor home seemed like a good idea the other night there were several things about it that just weren't feeling right to me, one being the length.  We were trying to come up with enough storage for all my art supplies, inventory, show set up, yada yada yada..  Well, it just isn't going to work.  There's too much crap to haul to do this and I don't want to live in some supersized vehicle on the road.  So another twist is occuring in our lives. 

I have decided to sell my show gear, close out my business account, get rid of the credit card machine and just keep a bare bones supply of things I might need to have to play with doll making for my own fun and pleasure.  I can try selling them one by one on Etsy or donate them to charities or give them as gifts.  But I won't have the pressure of inventory, jurying into shows, worrying about the weather and how to haul all the heavy stuff needed to do the shows.

This will allow me to focus on the writing and photography and hopefully create a more interesting blog with more pictures and stories of our travels.  Again the weight has shifted off my shoulders.  It doesn't feel like "giving up" something, but rather the releasing of it to pursue other interests.  I'll keep my machine and will no doubt return to some sewing later on, but for now that will take a back burner.

We'll see how tonight goes and if I sleep better and what it feels like when I try the idea on again in the morning.  This is a wild journey we are on and I can only guess which curve will come up next.  Now Left Brain is considering selling the motorcycle so we could pull some cute little convertible behind the RV.

Long Live the Queen of Twists and Turns

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  1. You know, I was thinking one day that if I had to walk away from my house and could only take a couple of things with me, what would I take? It was actually quite easy to answer. I would grab my Tootsie and my purse. I hope I never have to make this choice, but I could.

    Take your tome picking out your new home. You want to make sure you will be comfortable in it. My son in law is here to take me to the cable company, so you have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.