Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring time bliss

these are the galanthus that just came up - commonly known as snowdrops
It's amazing what a little Prozac can do - I feel like I'm totally back again.  I was cleaning the house this morning in case there might be another showing and I got a call from Left Brain.  He had delivered a trailer full of furniture to the kids yesterday and was on his way home when he spotted what might be the perfect RV for us. 

He peered through the windows in the drizzle to check it out as best he could and gave me the info on it.  After looking at what it should be like online it appeared perfect for our needs.  He was a bit hesitant with it only being 32 feet long that it might not have enough storage for my needs.

So, we both looked at it online when he got home and he called the man to arrange a showing at 2:15.  Since this was over two hours away we jumped into the Saturn, grabbed burgers at McD's and headed north.  Let's just say the house was not looking pristine when I left for the showing that afternoon - but he just had a feeling about this and the price was such that it would not last long at all.

We arrived right at the appointed time and they had it out with the slides extended as well as the awning and I went inside while he looked at the guy stuff outside.  It was all I could do not to scream - it was perfect.  The kitchen was spacious with Corian counter tops, my convection microwave, 3 burner stove and oven.  The fridge was a double side by side with good freezer space and an ice maker. 

There is a recliner for Left Brain and a couch for me as well as a spacious dinette with plenty of room for the laptops as well as storage under the seats.  Lots of overhead storage and cupboards in the kitchen with a small roll out pantry for canned goods.  The fridge was twice the size of in the canned ham. 

There was a large closet in the hallway as well as a good sized closet in the bedroom with six drawers underneath it.  The bed lifted up for nice full under bed storage and get's a dual control sleep number bed!  There is a desk area in the bedroom for the printer and an open area below for the beloved litter box.

It has Sirius radio and is ready for satellite TV.  They added a new 32" flat screen HD TV over the cab area to replace the old one and there is an older TV (but working) in the bedroom.  The patio awning was not originally an electric operating one, but they had wind damage and replaced it with the electric one.

There was one window blind broken that they will take to the dealer and get fixed.   There is storage everywhere.  It basically had all the same amenities as the 39' model we had looked at (both are Fleetwoods), it just doesn't have the extra 7 feet.  It's a 32 foot Fleetwood Southwind and is in two shades of gray.  The inside decor is gray and browns.  The countertop looks just like mine at the house.  To say I am thrilled is an understatement.

Here is where the domino effect takes place.

They have a lien on it and need the money to get a clear title for us.  We need to sell the house to get the money for them.  The people buying our house (hopefully) are waiting for the people to come into their investment to meet the contingency on their property before they can pay us.  We left them with earnest money to hold the RV for us until we can acquire the money to pay them, etc, etc.

Please send good vibes out into the universe for us that this all works out and that in the next month or two we can claim our perfect new home on wheels!

Long Live the Queen of Dreams


  1. I'm still at THERE'S A HALLWAY?! I don't even have a hallway in my house. LOL Sounds great....good thing you put your Prozac by the cat's.

  2. I'm hoping and pryaing for you!! It sounds fabulous. Two months ago, did you ever think that all of this would move so quickly? I never realized just how homey an RV is. I'm getting so excited for you! Good luck! Have a fantastic day, hugs, Edna B.