Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things look different in the morning light

Okay, it's morning and I feel much better.  After poring out my heart to everyone and receiving many good thoughts and ideas I slept soundly as I decided I didn't need to do it all at once.

Yesterday I was ready to chuck everything into a dumpster and slam it shut. Today I am much more rational (for me anyway) and have some restraint.  It seemed everything was moving too fast and I was losing the joy of the roller coaster ride we are on and had fears of the deep plunges involved.  It stands to reason that the higher you go the faster you come down and I'm ready for the next turn again.

Today will be spent  transforming the chaos we call home into a calming environment.  I realize that I had missed taking my meds for a couple of days when everything was upside down.  I just couldn't remember.  But that has been solved.  My meds are now sitting next to She Devil's, because I would never forget to give her what SHE needs and this way I can't forget mine either.  It's amazing how fast you can spiral down when you're chemically unbalanced.

The plan for today is to continue to sort and organize and package up the special projects I want to return to and put them safely away in storage to await me.  Then I will give the place a good cleaning...that always lifts my mood.  I will put something into the crock pot so I can enjoy the smells of home cooking and know that supper is ready when we want to eat without scurrying about trying to find something quick and easy.  I may have to buy some cookie dough and bake right before the showing tonight - that's always a good smell to have when people are looking for a home.

We have an offer on the house but there is a contingency on it.  So, if another offer comes along they have 72 hours to find the money and make it happen or we can proceed with the second offer.  I'm hoping for an offer just to push things a bit quicker.  Yup.  I think I need to get those cookies baking - for more than one reason.

Now that my sense of humor is back I will share a story with you about stress induced memory loss. During the moving sale I was wearing my little change apron, generally sufficient for any of the shows I used to do. Not for this kind of sale! Periodically I would run into the house and stuff a handful of cash into a cubby to hide it and dash back out. It was a very successful sale and I made about $3000 selling off stuff. This was a good thing but I needed to hide the money somewhere as we never know who is going through the house at any given point.

So I tucked the money someplace to hide it until I could get to the bank. I hid it good. I couldn't find it. This has to be how Alzheimer's feels - I could see myself hiding it, but where? I searched everywhere including the car, where I tend to stash things like a squirrel hides nuts. Nothing. To say I felt sick would be an understatement. I could see it in a drawer - in my bedroom....ah ha!

That set of plastic drawers had been moved to Left Brain's area to replace the end table I had sold. Sure enough - there it was....hidden under the AARP magazine, just as I remembered. I had turned the magazine to the page with an article on Alzheimers and remembered laughing as I hid the money thinking would't it be funny if I couldn't find it HERE! Well, it wasn't that funny. But at least the cash was found and is now safely in the checking account. If I could just find the checkbook and those bills to pay now.

Long Live the Queen of the Roller Coaster

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  1. Thanks for the laughs Cheryl! Can't wait to follow you on your new adventures ...