Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More progress

Todays activities involved mailing a box of fabric to my cousin Dusti  as well as six books that I sold on Amazon.  While in the post office I ran into one of my neighbors, so I warned her not to be shocked when she saw the sign and that yes, it was real.  There was an instance many years ago where the neighbors put up a for sale sign in someone's yard as a joke.  Yeah, it's a weird neighborhood....I'm gonna miss that.

Then I hauled a car load to the new storage unit and picked up Miss M for lovely Indian cuisine.  We were continuing our lengthy conversation in the driveway when her husband arrived and I had to leave.  It doesn't seem to matter if we've seen each other two days ago or two months ago...there's just always so much to talk about!

I stopped at the flooring store and they said they were getting in a huge batch of new stuff and to check back with them.  So, I meandered on home and put away the groceries I'd picked up and started in on the canned ham.

So, the ham is clean and ready for sale.  Now I need to clear out all the stuff I set up for the moving sale next Wednesday into the garage as Left Brain set up for the realtors to all come through on Tuesday.  Oh well, just think of the muscles I'm developing by lifting and hauling.  Fortunately he's available tomorrow to assist me in some of this shuffling of stuff.  I have many friends stopping by in the next few days to puruse the selections - so maybe a bunch of this will go and I won't have to relocate it.

Then the house will be ready for sale also.  Next will be the van for when we trade it in for the truck.  I wonder how much I could get for Left Brain...he cleans up nice!

Long Live the Queen of Washing

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  1. Good luck on selling all your things. They look so nice, you shouldn't have any problem. I would really miss that little cottage. Daughter is here and we are getting ready to find a post office to mail a box home, You have a good day, hugs, Edna B.