Monday, March 5, 2012

The house is for sale!

In better weather a couple of years ago
It's been another fun filled action packed day here at Spamalot.  I carted and toted more boxes and began setting up for moving sale mode to get rid of everything I'm not going to be using in the motorhome.  Man do we have a ton of stuff!

The real estate agent arrived at 11:00 and we did all the necessary evil paperwork to make this happen.   So it is official - the house is up for grabs.  The bad news is the market is not as strong as it was.  The good news is that our house is the type and price that seems to be selling the best.  We'll see how long it takes. 

I'll miss my little log cabin play house/storage shed -
we'll be so used to living tiny after we come back off the road....
maybe the new owners could rent this to us to live in!
After he left I hauled a carfull of bags to GoodWill, grabbed some late lunch, made a return to Shopko, stopped off at Menards to buy a lock and returned She Devil's old needles to the vet.  I told Jane at the vet's office that She Devil enjoyed the trip to Texas in the canned ham very much, and even though she loved the motel experience, we didn't like hauling in her litter box and cooler for the we decided to buy her a motorhome.  She totally understood this.

Then I stopped at the storage locker place and wrote up a contract for a 10x10 storage unit.  He asked if I wanted to see it to get an idea of the size and I said no...when I do art shows I live in a 10x10 space, so I know exactly what that size looks like.

After returning home I loaded up the car again with boxes to take to the storage unit tomorrow and then I will treat myself to a lovely lunch with the Divine Miss M for some Indian food.  She just returned from St Kitt's and I can't wait to hear about the island life.

It is amazing to me that after fearing the process of getting rid of stuff so much that now it's easy.  Things I thought were precious and valuable before really have no monetary value and have become easy to part with.  In fact, when I get a good momentum going it's amazing how fast things fly.

I'll post my sign outside tomorrow morning for the neighbors to have first pick at stuff before the moving sales begin.

Long Live the Queen of Tossing


  1. I'd think your garden would sell your house for you. Spring is just around the corner.

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