Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend visit

I have had frightfully little time (or energy) to keep up with my blogging.  It seems we keep hauling and hauling but the stuff continues to be there.  I know now how the socceror's apprentice felt and can almost hear the music in the back of my brain.

The garage is set up and ready for my cousin's expert advice on how to price and mark things for the first sale on Wednesday.  She'll be packing up the things for her to take back home.  Every little bit helps.

Some of the neighbors have stopped by to see what's going on and express their remorse at our leaving.  I keep telling them we're only going to be living on wheels and will still be around to visit with them.  I'm thinking I need to organize an Apple Valley annual reunion at one of the parks where we'll be...that would be fun.

We spent a weekend at the kids house and got to see volleyball practices and volleyball games.  It will be nice when we can park up their way in the summer and spend more time with the kids than we are able to do now.

While visiting I thought about the odd things that happen and what you might here at Chez Rossing that you don't hear other places.  Things like "Kiersten, don't stand on your mother!" or Kiersten's complaint of "Emily just hit me in the eye with a porcupine".  Then there was the letter I found that Emily had written to the tooth fairy.  I had hoped to scan it and show it in it's handwritten form, but the ink copied too light, so I will write it out here.

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I believe I should get $4.00 for this tooth for the following reasons:
1) This is the biggest tooth I've lost
2) This tooth cost me like 2 years of pain because I had a filling in it and could not eat with it very easily
3) This tooth also cost me like 2 month of wobbling it back and forth then I reallyt couldn't eat with it
4) I am taking the time out of my precious sleep to write this.
Those are my reasons.

According to her mother (aka Ms Tooth Fairy) when she tried to quietly slip her hand under the pillow to retrieve the tooth Emily grabbed her wrist and asked "Did you get my letter?"

It's a strange bunch - but they're family.

Long Live the Queen of Family

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  1. You must be exhausted by now. We don't realize what a huge job it is to take apart a home and all the years of treasures and memories that go with it. I do not envy you this job. Slow down a little bit, it won't sell any sooner that it is supposed to. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.