Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm worried about Ted

Even though many people dislike the BBBs (Big Black Birds) and hate to see them invading their feeders, I have to admit I am smitten with them.

My main love would be for the raven, which I met while at Alcatraz....just visiting folks...just visiting.  I learned a great deal about them from the ranger on that visit and have become a Raven Lunatic since that time.  

But, since we are not lucky enough to have them in our area, my second love would be the crows.

Crows are so misunderstood.  They are not evil and do not chase away the songbird population.  Their main crime appears to be ...well...big and black.  Just because they aren't small, cute and colorful doesn't mean they are unworthy of being loved. My feeders are visited heavily by many varieties of songbirds as well as multiple visits by my crow buddies.

They have close families and mate for life, which leads me back to why I'm worried about Ted.

Bob and Carol

We had a lovely foursome in my yard that I have named Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice.  However, I've only seen three of them traveling about lately in the valley and Ted seems to be missing.  I do hope he's okay.

The other distinction with crows is that they have the ability to identify you personally...not just as a human, but as an individual.  I'm still trying to get my group to not fear me as I come outside to toss them peanuts, but so far they are leery of me.

I'll feel better when I see my foursome again.

Long Live the Queen of Crows


  1. Maybe I could send you a few of my humungous group of blackbirds? I do not dislike them, I just wish they would leave some of the food for the other birds. Seriously, I do hope your Ted is alright. A neighborhood cat walked off the other day with one of my little birds in it's mouth and it wrecked my whole day. Hope your day is great. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Odin had two ravens, Huggin and Munnin (thought and memory). This has softened my thoughts on crows and ravens. I hope Ted returns!