Monday, August 29, 2011

After the fest is goes on

Slept in today to recover from the weekend festival.  She Devil is napping beside me, blissfully unaware of the vet visit in two hours with blood work to check how she is responding to the change in her insulin dosage.  I like these things to be a surprise for her.

So, soon I need to get out of my jammies and unload the car, write up my notes on the show, count the money and get ready for the next one in September.  I've only done three shows this year but still think about a home show sometime yet this winter.

After Art Fair on the Green my friend and neighbor suggested lowering some of my prices to accommodate the downturn of the economy.  Thank you Laurel for this advice.  I had turned her lose with a pen and stickers to price things as she saw fit and this increased my sales at this show.  It also generated interest in commissioned work and I picked up not one but three commissions at this show, all of which agreed to the original higher price I normally sold at in the past.  That felt really good.

The best part of these shows is not the sales, although that is nice, it's the connection with people.  I had the good fortune of being next to a nice basket weaver and a Hmong family whose children kept me entertained all weekend as I watched them playing behind our tents.  The people who come into the booth are always interesting and I made some new friends to go with the old ones that stop by to visit also.

It was a relaxing fun weekend with great music and perfect weather.  This is the kind of weekend we dream about as fall approaches.  Now I just have to muddle through the mess in the car, sorting and restocking.  Oh yeah....and wings.  I am finally going to heed the advice I've been given forever about adding wings to the dolls and creating fairies and angels.  So, the girls will be taking flight soon and I hope to soar to new heights with them.  Wish me luck.

The next show is the Driftless Art Festival in Soldiers Grove in September.  It's a lovely show and if you've never been there, please check it out.  Come on by and say hello.

Long Live the Queen of Crafters

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful weekend at the fair. What a lovely surprise photo of your kitchen cook doll. Put a big smile on my face. I think the idea of fairy dolls is a good one. Can't wait to see what some of them look like.

    Our power, cable and phone all came back on between 1am and 3 am this morning. What a great feeling to be able to sit right here on my own sofa and play on my laptop. My coffee tastes soooooo good too. First cup since Sunday morning. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.