Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our farm adventures

My daughter and her family came down Saturday in preparation for my surprise birthday party on Sunday.  So, I treated them to a visit to my friends house that evening before supper.

Emily gathering the eggs
I'm not sure if you'd call it a farm or a farmette or hobby farm or what...but it's a slice of heaven.

This was a great adventure for my "city kids" to learn about where food comes from and get some "hands on" experiences that they would otherwise never have.

Steph milking the goat
First we met the goats as they ran up to greet us.  That kind of freaked out the kids at first.  

You can imagine their surprise when Irving offered us a chance to milk them! 

Emily harvesting carrots

They took us out into their apple orchards and gardens where Irving showed Emily how to dig up carrots.  

It was very satisfying to watch them pull food from the earth.  I wish all kids could experience this and know they don't actually come out of the ground in those little plastic bags.

Cucumbers for the picking
Karen had Stephanie join her for some gathering of cucumbers.  

She tried to send some home with me also, but I'm already giving mine to the neighbors, and I think they're getting sick of them.

Their home is set back in a valley...and I mean waaaay back there and everywhere you turn it's beautiful.

The home features a lot of Amish workmanship and artistic touches are every where.  The girls (okay, and us, too) just kept exploring the house and oohing and aahing at every turn.
Kiersten and the Frisbee

Kiersten enjoyed playing with the biggest Frisbee she'd ever seen and enjoyed swinging on the chairs in the screen porch.

She also hung out with Romeo, their dog, as she loves dogs.   But, I don't think we're going to entice her into a future as a farmer any time soon.  

Seriously?  I don't think so!

My favorite animal on the farm was the cat, of course.  

Fluffy, who hangs out with the goats and seems to think she's one of them didn't appreciate my joke about milking the cat.

Very pretty, but not much of a sense of humor.

It was a wonderful visit and we stopped at Rocky's Supper Club on the way home for onion rings and supper.  Yummy.  The first fall out from my Weight Watchers regime.  But it will be a temporary lapse.  Being there reminded me of an incident that happened many many years ago, that I related to my family over supper.

Left Brain and I had been there with another couple long ago.  The man with us had an artificial leg.  Having had one too many as we left the bar he stumbled and fell.  While falling, his foot hooked on something and there was an awful noise as the suction released from the prosthesis...and the leg turned the other direction.  He was now laying on the ground facing east and his right toe was pointing west.

The waitress witnessing this was turning white.

Then he began to crawl to the steps where he could reattach his leg...he was drunk but still thinking!  As he crawled away the leg slowly slid from his pants leg.

Now the waitress was sitting down and turning a lovely shade of green.

He just calmly crawled out the door calling to Left Brain to pick up his leg and bring it with him.

I'm not sure where the waitress went after that.  Poor girl.  She must have thought we were terribly callous to just laugh at him during all this.

Oh...good memories.

Long Live the Queen of Old Goats

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  1. Your friend's farm is simply gorgeous!! I agree, all children should have the opportunity to spend time on a farm to learn about nature and her bounties.

    I loved the story about your friend's leg coming off. It reminded of a I Love Lucy segment where she was dancing with a dummy that looked like Ricky and the head fell off on stage. Very funny!

    It sounds like you have had an exceptional birthday. I'm so happy for you. Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.