Monday, August 1, 2011

The best gifts

I'm officially sixty years old now and loving it.  I have been showered with birthday wishes via phone calls, cards, emails, Facebook greetings and boxes delivered by the UPS man.

The best thing in life is to be embraced in the love of family and friends in non-material ways.  

I take care of all my own material needs quite well myself, thank you....not that I'm turning away the UPS man anytime soon.  Oh settle down, Left Brain...I didn't mean it that way!

In the mail I received a large envelope from my grandkids, addressed to The Bubster.  They created a large (zero points no less!) ice cream cone with 60 flavors, each one being the things they love about their Bubbe.  Some of the comments made me laugh...some made me cry.... some require a bit of explanation.  

Such as #19 "she likes to play with body parts".  That's not what you might be thinking...

Remember... I am a doll maker and have boxes of arms and legs and heads in my studio - these are the body parts they are referring to.  There's no "chop shop" or harvesting going on here!

I'd show them all in this blog (not the body parts....the comments) but the little darlings mixed them all up, making it hard to list in order and...well, these are my treasures and I'm not willing to share them all.  I guess I'm getting selfish in my old age.

All my life I longed to hear one thing from my mother that she was proud of or pleased about me and never achieving that you can understand why this gift is priceless.  They found not only ONE thing but 60!  They always greet me with hugs and kisses and shower me with love....ALL the time....EVERY time I see them.  This is the best gift of all.  Thank you my beautiful little girls.  You're the best!

Then last night they all sang happy birthday over the phone to me (they harmonize amazingly, but that should be no surprise...they are very musical) and I've saved it on my phone so I can replay it over and over.  I look forward to their visit next weekend so I can really enjoy them and celebrate my birthday one more time.  I may just keep celebrating for the rest of my life...I like that plan.

Long Live the Old Queen

PS Now...go tell someone what they mean to them and make their day.


  1. What a fantastic present!!!!! I love the home made from the heart gifts the best. And your granddaughters are beautiful! Here's a hug and a lick for you. Have a fantastic day. Hugs, Edna B.

    p.s. The lick is from Tootsie. I don't do licks.

  2. I'm so happy for you that you celebrated yourself, are embracing your age and are filled with love. You DESERVE all the love you are given!