Thursday, August 25, 2011

thank you for your sympathy

Well, the outpouring of good will for my gastric distress was overwhelming.  

Some of my favorite comments were "holy crap" and "we're so relieved", as well as gifts of laxatives from my cousin.

My descent into senility continued yesterday.  Maybe my entry into the Sixties isn't what I thought it was going to be.

After visiting my cousin in the hospital (the one who really did have a heart attack, not just thought it) I proceeded about my day.  I decided to have a late lunch at Pickerman's and enjoyed a lovely bowl of potato cream cheese soup - yummy.  Then it was off to purchase groceries - more fruit and some watermelon for my colon cleansing.  I found the Morning Star entrees recommended by my new favorite vegetarian and proceeded to the checkout.

After paying for the groceries I wheeled my cart of goodies to the car and patted my pocket for my keys.  Oh no.  I must have tucked them into the side pocket of the purse, surely I'm not stupid enough to have left them in the car.  Oh, I most definitely am - there they are, laying on the console.  Rats!

Aha!  I had an entry key made and hidden in my purse for exactly this purpose.  Couldn't find it and then I remembered that key was made for the old car and I had not done that yet for this car.  Rats!

I could call Miss M and ask her come and get me, run me home for Left Brain's set of keys and back to the store.  No, she sat with me at the hospital late last night and her car probably still carries my scent.  

Then I remembered this is what we pay our AAA membership for, found the card and dialed the number.  I was told it would be about 30 - 40 minutes before they could arrive so I took my frozen dinners back in the store, grabbed a plastic bag and tossed them in the freezer with the ice cubes.  Then I snugged my cart up next to the bench outside and went to Hancock Fabric to browse.

While looking at the magazines they called and informed me he was on site and looking for me, they decided to get to me before the other job.  So, out the door I ran and found him and led him to my car.  It's amazing with the right tools just how fast he broke in.  He asked to see my AAA card and then some ID.  This confused me (it doesn't seem to take much these days) until I realized he wanted to be sure I wasn't stealing a car...with his assistance.

Hmmm.  Maybe I could have found a nice BMW in the lot with keys locked inside and upgraded.  That never occurred to me, but then I never did have a criminal mastermind....or any other sort either for that matter.

I thanked him for his assistance and went home very pleased with myself for how well I handled the situation.  While putting away my groceries there seemed to be something missing....where are those frozen dinners?  Oh the ice cooler at Festival.  Maybe I'll get them tomorrow.  I've had my quota of adventures for today.

Long Live the Queen of Something...I forget

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