Friday, August 19, 2011

Meatless meals

I was so curious about the concept of vegetarian eating that I voluntarily got up early enough to attend the 7:15 am Weight Watcher meeting.  Was it worth it?   In a word....yes.

The idea of not consuming meat has always intrigued me and here I had a 35 year vegetarian to provide guidance.  I learned about tofu  and may have even conquered my fear of sushi.  They had a cool book on Fruits and Veggies from A - Z that shows what stuff looks like, how to clean it, prepare it and easy recipes. My weight dropped another 1.4 pounds so I'm almost back to the point I was before the cake disaster.

As I went into this meeting I don't usually attend, I sat next to a beautiful slim lady and found myself thinking "why is she here, there should be a limit on how much weight you really need to lose to attend...this is hard for the chubbies to deal with."  Then I learned she had lost 125 pounds.  Wow.  New attitude - total admiration.  Attending these meetings are always inspirational.

Long Live the Queen of Second Thoughts

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