Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun with Friends

The Queen has been a social butterfly lately.  Thursday I went to Stockholm, a wonderfully artsy fartsy town, with four of my garden guild ladies and had a blast.  We saw some cool gardens, ate at a wonderful outdoor cafe (Bogus Creek Cafe) and then strolled the streets of this little town (population 97) to take in the shops and galleries.  

On the way home we stopped at the Nelson creamery for ice cream - always a treat.  I was careful with the breakfast and lunch and felt up to this.  I think I need to add daily walking to my routine and get the push on for the next weight drop.

The next day I picked up my grass that came in at Trees Today and went over to Marvelous Marti's house to dig up the "couple of hostas" she wanted out.  Yikes!  I should have rented a bobcat - these were huge hostas.  I wrestled them into the car and got them home.  The wheelbarrow was completely full with just two of them, which I divided into many more and planted them out in the "open" area.  Most of the hostas are protected from the deer behind a fence , but I'm trying to introduce some "free range hostas" also.

Later that night we went up to my neighbors for incredible Indian cuisine served in a charming outdoor setting and sparkling conversation.  It wasn't until we arrived I realized I was still wearing my house slippers, so the hostess put on hers also to make me feel at home.  And I hadn't had anything to drink yet!

I brought with me the bottle of wine the other neighbor had given me....hmmm....there does seem to be a lot of wine floating around this valley.  My intention was to share this but they were on to gin and tonics, so being a really good guest I drank the entire bottle myself.   I do believe I said something about having everyone over for a Greek theme supper at my house.  Why did I say that?

I'm not that big a wine drinker, but I was thirsty after all that yard work and mowing of the yard but most of was a blue bottle.  And I needed this for my new bottle tree that I purchased the day before.  Oh the things we have to do for our art!

It's been a blissful couple of days in the company of friends and neighbors and again I have a feeling of abundance and love.  But then again, I might just be a tad drunk.

Long Live the Friends of the Queen

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  1. I love the colored bottles too. Although my favorite would be the orange, then lime green, then now I'd be oblivious to the world around me. I would love to see a photo of your bottle tree some day. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Edna B.